Cosmi Led Full Color equipment

Cosmi is a Spanish firm dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of Full Color LED screens for different types of business.

Our LED luminous signs stand out for their excellent color, versatility, dynamism, elegance and visibility. These are some of the features that your business can acquire with our Cosmi products. What is not seen does not exist.

We have a wide range of full color LED products which translates into a range of Led products for professionals that have more than sixteen million colors available.

In Illuminled, being knowledgeable of the needs of the users and the evolution of the market we have put at your disposal the most innovative equipment such as Led Cosmi products with the best technical guarantees guided by our greatest exponent of quality and professionalism.





Professional LCD monitors for showcase

Professional LCD monitor for shop showcase and for see advertising inside the shops. LCD screen high power, and industrial capacity.

These LCD monitors have been manufactured to the highest standards to be able to display audiovisual content or advertisements.


Full Color Modular Equipment

Create your screen to suit your needs


Standardised equipment

Displays that adapt to every space

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