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LED and LCD Mupis
for publicity by Cosmi

For interiors and exteriors

We have united rounded design and higher resolution to take consumer attention to the next level.
Its metallic platform guarantees and offers an anti-tip system.
Large size and absolute brightness for viewing at different distances.

Mupis for publicity

Full Color Mupis

Mupi P4 Full Color

Full Color Mupi


Mupi P4 Full Color X2

Full Color x2 Mupi


Poster slim 2.5 Full Color

poster slim P2,5 Mupi


Essential mupis

LCD tactile Mupi

LCD 32`` Android Kiosko

LCD 32″ Android Kiosco

Interior. Tactile

kiosko LCD 32``

LCD 32″ Windows Kiosco

Interior. Tactile

Mupi 43`` LCD tactil

LCD tactile 43″ Mupi


Mupi LCD tactil 55``

LCD tactile 55″Mupi


LED and LCD Mupis for publicity

Cosmi’s Dynamic Mupis represent a revolution in both indoor and outdoor advertising. These versatile devices, whether in the form of canopies, in-store banners or interactive kiosks, stand out for their high brightness and dynamic capabilities. Their potential to display endless content in motion makes them ideal tools for attracting the public’s attention.


Indoor LCD billboards

In indoor retail environments, touch-screen LCD billboards offer a unique experience. Interactivity with the consumer is taken to new levels, allowing a direct connection with the brand. Whether as information points or for specific promotions, these devices become self-service tools that empower the customer.


Outdoor Full Color Mupis

In the outdoor environment, Dynamic Mupis at street level or also called totems stand out for their ability to adapt dynamically to advertising needs. Their moving content effectively captures the attention of passers-by, offering a versatile platform for promotions, events and relevant messages.

The combination of high brightness and dynamic content ensures that the brand does not go unnoticed, providing a unique visual experience that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Different Mupi models with different functions

Cosmi has created different models of billboards for advertising. On the one hand, the Full Color models that share measures and housing design. And, on the other hand, the Full Color LCD billboard that has a special touch function so that the user can interact with the advertising. With these types of Full Color billboards, Cosmi claims to unite design, autonomy, professionalism and Full Color, to achieve true autonomous and changing equipment that can display an infinite advertising.

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