Double sided LED sign Cosmi

Signs, signs, banners?
the name is not the important thing as long as it is Cosmi

Double sided outdoor advertising for shops and shops

Double sided
LED sign Cosmi

Double sided LED sign Cosmi


The most characteristic Full Color
that makes Cosmi LED double sided
so unique.


Insert infinite content
for all types of shops or businesses
With two double-sided outdoor displays


This is what the

Double sided LED Cosmi

A great way to have visibility, insert offers or inform passers-by of your
inform passers-by about your tobacconist, salon, bakery or shop.




Double sided LED sign Cosmi. Range of equipment

cruces gama categorias

Gama de banderolas Cosmi

cruces gama categorias

Double sided Cosmi. ARIES LINE

LED double sided for tobacconists,
It's Full Color!

Double sided LED sign Cosmi

Double-sided advertising

Information and advertising that attracts

LED advertising banners are nowadays a reality that guarantees an increase in customers. LED banners allow you to place the name of the shop or shop and to advertise offers, star products, etc…

Double sided LED sign Cosmi

Full color luminous banners sing for outdoor use.
With double position

Different sizes

LED double sided banners for every space

Double sided LED signs

Different viewing distances
But always perfect.
Attract attention and inform your customers where you are with Cosmi Full Color Double sided

banderola de lejos y de cerca full color, letreros rotulos estanco

Resistance and ventilation
full power

Double sided LED sign Cosmi

The LED double sided are made of baked lacquered metal.
They can also be customised in any RAL color*.



Signs, banners or double-sided signs prepared for outdoor use.

It withstands atmospheric phenomena, which gives them an added value for exteriors where, in addition to visibility, resistance is a priority.


*Color change subject to price variations.

El sello IP54 certifica su calidad y resistencia contra el agua y el polvo propios de un ambiente exterior. 

gama de banderolas LED FULL COLOR para tiendas comercios negocios. Cosmi letrero, rotulo led

Double sided LEDs

Technologies that make
your LED banners even more functional

Double sided LED sign Cosmi

Cosmi LED banners have very high performance, including high brightness and Full Colour colours, which make them a real eye-catcher. Thanks to its double-sided design, the Cosmi Full Color LED double sided sign lets passers by know where your shop, bar, tobacconist, driving school, real estate agency, etc. is located. An electronic LED sign that goes one step further.

Double sided LED sign Cosmi, thanks to their Full Color functionality, allow you to insert any image, video, gif, etc. Their Full Color functionality allows them to be installed in any shop or business.


The greatness of the two sides of an LED banner


instalaciones banderola

Double sided LED sign Cosmi installations

Discover the different points where Double sided LED sign Cosmi are installed and more details of each model with its installation.

shoftware cosmi farmacia cruz2

Free software

Insert, create and program double sided LED content through the APP, PC software or Cloud Server.

HD Player /LEDArt / Cloud




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