Video scoreboards and
perimeter screens

Information and publicity for sporting events

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Video scoreboards

The new generation

An editable, never before seen video scoreboard

Power and versatility

define the Cosmi video scoreboard

Get the most out of any sport

Get the most out of any sport with Cosmi video scoreboards.

Screens created through permanent booths (Full Color screens) or non permanent booths (rental screens) which, together with Visport software, create a video scoreboard capable of transmitting match information, advertising or live images.

Cosmi has two software products capable of transforming a Full Colour screen into a video scoreboard:
pantalla visport basket club de basket videoomarcador polideportivo baloncesto cosmi

Example: Official sports meeting.

Video scoreboard+Visport Basket installed for Navia. Asturias.

Which Visport to choose?

Software PC

Cumple con la normativa


PenDrive with Software


Supported sports:

Football, futsal, indoor football, futsal, water polo.



Message area, game time, insertion of shields, team names, custom backgrounds, period indicator, result and advertising content.Includes: standardised videos: yellow cards, red cards, goals, etc.

Software PC

Complies with Spanish federal regulations


PenDrive with Software +
control console

Supported sports:

Basketball, handball, U16 handball, U12 handball,
mini basketball, futsal, user 1 and user 2



Message area, game time, insertion of shields, team names, custom backgrounds, period indicator, score and advertising content.Includes: standardised videos: baskets, end of period, etc.



ejemplo marcador dublicador de pantalla visport football videomarcador cosmi

a medida
y fáciles de controlar


Cosmi video scoreboards can be customised to the desired pitch.
Its ease of use via PC and its easy and intuitive control panel. They make the Cosmi video scoreboard the perfect ally in any sporting event. Moreover, this type of screen can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
They are ideal for football pitches, sports centres, basketball courts, tennis courts and any sporting event.

A brutal video scoreboard

Capable of a maximum peak of 7,500nits

pantalla perimetral Cosmi en estadio de futbol

Perimeter screens

Resistance and performance raised to infinity

Cosmi perimeter screens are the perfect element in any sporting competition. Place changing advertising of your advertisers and sponsors in a simple way thanks to the free software or APP with this equipment.

In addition, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor stadiums thanks to their IP65/IP54 (front/back) rating. They include padded protections on the inside and rubber visors on the LEDs to withstand the blows they may receive on the pitch.

Designed to be placed in the front line and to pass advertisers.

Easy to install, by means of its adjustable rear foot, this type of perimeter screens can be customised in their inclination in order to ensure optimum viewing in any part of the pitch.

Making a difference

With perimeter equipment and video scoreboards


From different points

pantalla perimetral cosmi



pantalla deportes varios led full color cuadrada polideportivo cosmi


of contents

Visual impact

Abysmal contrast and brightness

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