Advertising led banners

The double sided FULL COLOR more dynamic.

  It captures the attention of the passerby both at small and longer distances.

Dynamic and changing ads, possibility of placing offers, advertising videos, etc.

Its double side ensures that the potential customer can see their information from two directions.

banderola led tiendas y estancos

Available models

We have two models, choose yours depending on your need.


Information and publicity it attracts

Advertising banners are, today, a reality that guarantees an increase in customers. It is not only about placing the name of the store or store, but the ability to announce offers, star products, etc … in them ..

Different mounting options.

The banners for advertising Cosmi Full Color, in addition to being able to visualize on both sides and have easy access to its interior, it has different ways of installation. Whether bolada on facades or on ceilings, they also have the option of placing themselves on a totem. What is very advantageous to install where there is a greater influx of people. Cosmi offers you the highest quality in visual advertising products.

Models adapted to you

Carried out by our studies of consumer behavior and its visual impact, we have created three flagship models with a universal measure. The P4 and P5 models have been designed to be seen at short or medium distances. And the P8 model that is ideal for medium or long viewing distances. In addition, the three banner models feature IP54 and easy access through its opening upwards by pressure spring. So access can be carried out in situ without dismantling.

Some functions that Cosmi banners bring with them

Programmable On / Off Time

Brightness control

Texts in scenes

Preview on PC / smartphone

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