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Cosmi technical service is an exclusive area for Cosmi partners. If you are an end customer, please contact your nearest Cosmi partner or distributor.














Remote support

Cosmi Service: We are here to help you

Cosmi’s Remote Service is a solution that allows one of our experts to connect to your equipment remotely. We will solve your incidents in real time, and explain every step, without you having to come to Cosmi, and without any extra costs.
This service is exclusive for Cosmi partners.


How do I use the remote service?

Go to the remote assistance tab and fill in the form to request an appointment.

One of our technicians will contact you to assist you remotely.


What do you need for remote assistance?

To be able to assist you remotely you must have :

  • Installation on your PC of the free software: COSMI REMOTE, so that our technicians can work remotely.
  • Installation on the same PC of the HD Player software.
  • Request an appointment for remote assistance


The RMA is a must in Cosmi's technical service

Cosmi always aims to offer a quality service that is close and offers real solutions. We are launching our RMA system for partners.

Fill in the form to register your RMA and we will provide you with a specialised service and resolve any incident. This service is easy and free of charge.

The guarantee of always being covered

Cosmi offers in all its range of equipment and accessories the guarantee established by Spanish law. During this period, any incident or error detection we will give you a specialised service and resolve any incident through the RMA. This service can be requested easily and free of charge.

Follow the steps to request the RMA and we will solve easily and quickly any incident within warranty.

For out-of-warranty equipment we also have a special service. Find out more here









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