Mupis led for advertising Cosmi

And the technological becomes extraordinary

We have joined the rounded design to the highest resolution to bring consumer attention to a higher level.

Its metal platform guarantees and offers a roll-over system.

Large size and absolute brightness for viewing at different distances.

Mupis for advertising available

We have four models of mupis Led, including tactile and super thin mupis. Choose the most suitable depending on your need.





Chassis advantages

Its connectivity is one of its advantages. They can be connected by means of cab RJ54 or WIFI system. Another of its features is its safety lock system with master key, finally, its clamping platform that prevents movement and guarantees its roll-over system.

Different models of mupis with different functionalities

Cosmi  He has created different mupis models for advertising. On the one hand, the Full Color mupis models that share dimensions and housing design. And, on the other hand, the mupi Full Color LCD that has a special touch function with which the user can interact with advertising. With these types of mupis Full Color, Cosmi is claimed by combining design, autonomy, professionalism and Full Color, to achieve true autonomous and changing equipment that can show infinite advertising.

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