Communication Full Color screen

Communication systems

Synchronous or asynchronous equipment depending on its task


Broadcast cards for the reproduction of advertising content. Advertisements, spots, images, etc.

 4-in-1 players with asynchronous and synchronous communication. Plays both live and advertising content (preset ads).

 Scalers that fit the content to the screen and scale it proportionally. Scalers are capable of processing live content and advertising content.















Communication Full Color screen

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Communication Full Color screen

The standardised Cosmi devices are delivered ex works with the respective advertising content card. Since standardised equipment such as banners, posters, etc., are mainly for advertising purposes. have an essentially advertising mission.


Modular equipment does not incorporate the communication system, since depending on its dimensions, one communication device or another will have to be installed.

Communication Full Color screen

Available communication devices


Asynchronous devices

Asynchronous transmitter cards

Play advertising content as you like

A great way of advertising, looping ads, content created through the APP, HD Player or Cloud Server, etc. This type of card is used to carry out a communication system that integrates the content into the Cosmi equipment and plays it on loop.

All standardised equipment includes an asynchronous transmitter card. Asynchronous cards=non-live content

Asynchronous range. Advertising display


Asynchronous/synchronous devices

Asynchronous/Synchronous Players

Plays advertising or live content

The 4-in-1 players in the Cosmi range have two forms of communication: asynchronous and synchronous. In other words, they can play content that is being broadcast live, as well as preconceived advertising content.

Therefore, in modular equipment, depending on their purpose, whether they are video scoreboards, for concerts, façades, etc., this type of communication can be chosen and the content can be broadcast live. You can choose this type of communications and have both ways of sending content in your Cosmi equipment.



Synchronous devices

VP Synchronous Processors

Play content live and on-the-fly

Play live content synchronously without the need for scalers or players with the VP line.

4 models available to control each screen depending on the size of the equipment.


Synchronous processor VP410

Synchronous processor VP620

Synchronous processor  VP820

Synchronous devices

Synchronous P Scalers

Scale and play live

The scalers or processors of the P-range are used to achieve synchronous or live player mode. In order to send the content directly to the screen, a T901 transmitter card and a P scaler are needed.

What happens is that the live content arrives at the equipment passing through the card and the P processor that scales the image and reproduces it on the screen in the appropriate format and proportions.



Synchronous devices

Large Synchronous pixels

Play content live and on-the-fly

This range of processors is designed and focused on large Full Colour devices. Its high capacity allows it to move large pixels at full speed.

4 models available to control each screen depending on the size of each equipment


T901 Card drawer

Processor DVP9081HD

Windows processor

Android Players                           

Convert the operating system of any Full Colour or LCD device to Android.

This range of new Android players opens up a new world of possibilities. It allows you to manage screens, LCDs or televisions by integrating the Android system. Through this system, it also allows the placement of any Android APP on the screen.

3 models available with different functionalities


Card drawer 40s PLUS Player

For LCD and Full Color with Android O.S.


Card drawer HD3288B PLUS Player

For LCD and Full Colour with Android O.S.


M30HD PLUS Player Card Drawer

For LCD and Full Colour with Android O.S.


Communication Full Color screen

Adaptive technology

to each size and purpose

Cosmi offers all the communication options to adapt each screen to the scenario in which it is to be used. Whether for broadcasting advertising, live content such as concerts, football matches, conferences, etc. And of course the dual option of having both synchronous and asynchronous modes on your Cosmi Full Color equipment to provide the broadcasting of advertising and live content.

We also offer advanced forms of communication for large pixels.


*Synchronous devices are prepared for modular equipment.















Communication Full Color screen

Examples of equipment

With different forms of communication



Card for banner

B6 for motorcycling rental screen

Processor Windows macro concert


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