Cosmi equipment installation manuals

Discover step by step how to install your Cosmi equipment

At Cosmi we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to install Cosmi equipment. Select the Cosmi equipment for which you need the guide. And follow the instructions step by step.


Modular equipment installation

Cosmi equipment installation manuals

Cosmi assembly manual

You can find all the assembly options here. Choose your cabin and follow the step by step instructions

P4, P5 and P8 permanent cabin installation, rear exterior












Cosmi equipment installation manuals

Cosmi external rear access cabins

pantalla p4 Y P5 p8 EXTERIOR DIBUJO CON COLOR-01 cosmi

Cosmi equipment installation manuals

Cosmi outdoor LED screens 960*640mm rear

Same installation different pixel pitch. This installation method is valid for Full Color P3, P4, P5, P8 and P10PRo units with rear opening and for outdoor use.

Cosmi horizontal and vertical cabins front access

pantalla p4 Y P5 p8 EXTERIOR DIBUJO CON COLOR-01 cosmi

Cosmi equipment installation manual

Front and vertical P5 Cosmi screens

Discover how to install this type of cabins that have a front opening and are installed horizontally or vertically. The example is created with a P5DH screen but this installation is the same for the P5DV, changing the orientation.

A special P5 capable of adapting to the most precise outdoor installations.



Installation of permanent P5Delanteras horizontal cabins












Cosmi LED rental screens












Installation of Cosmi rental cabins

pantalla p4 Y P5 p8 EXTERIOR DIBUJO CON COLOR-01 cosmi

Cosmi equipment rental installation manuals

Cosmi LED screens rental for indoor and outdoor

Step by step installation of Cosmi rental screens. For the Ionmax series there is the possibility of front installation by screwing the chassis to the wall.

Installation of standardised equipment

Cosmi equipment installation manuals

We make the installation easier














Banderolas publicitarias


Cosmi equipment installation manuals

Cosmi double sided

In this step-by-step you can see how to install the standard Cosmi double sided such as the Aries

Monitores industriales

monitor industrial

Manuales instalaciones monitores

Instalación para soportes de monitores LCD

En este paso a paso podrás saber como instalar tanto el soporte de pie como el soporte de suspensión.

(*No incluidos con el monitor Cosmi)



























Deluxe Indoor J.C. Line

firma de jack cooper

Easily install your Deluxe equipment

Deluxe indoor screen assembly

In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to assemble your Deluxe screen.

Cruces LED estandar


Install any cross

Cosmi standard

In this step by step guide you will be able to install the P6, P8 and P8XXL crosses of the Cosmi range.



























Orion crosses

dibujo tecnico cruz orion (1)

Cross Orion

A different installation

The amazing design of the Orion cross make’s it stand out over other crosses


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Cosmi equipment installation manuals

Cosmi equipment installation manuals

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