RMA Service Cosmi

Replace or send for repair Cosmi products or components




RMA Service Cosmi

Authorisation for repair or exchange of goods

You can replace or send in for repair Cosmi products or components during the warranty period. This is a process we have simplified to make it easier for our partners to return any damaged material under warranty.

RMA Repair Service


How to request the repair of any damaged component or equipment?

Returns are easier with Cosmi. Follow the steps:


Complete the form below:

RMA request

Describe your issue in the field to be filled in and press send.


Receipt of RMA label

You will receive an RMA label from Cosmi’s technical service which you will have to print out.



Affix RMA label

Paste the label provided by Cosmi SAT on the outside of the RMA package you are going to send us.



Send RMA package

Send the RMA goods with your usual courier company






No material will be received without a corresponding RMA



Complete RMA

Fill in the required fields and attach photos of the incident.




























Our experts will keep you informed about the follow-up of the RMA.



    Out of warranty repair

    Always covered with Cosmi

    In our quest for improvement, we have created this out-of-warranty service, so that you can extend the service life of your equipment at any time. To do so, please fill in the form. One of our technicians will contact you to verify the incident, after which a quote will be sent with the new devices to be replaced. If the partner accepts this estimate, it will be paid and Cosmi will send the new electronic elements budgeted for.


    Exclusive service for partners. If you are an end customer, please contact your nearest Cosmi partner.




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