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Cosmi Remote Assistance

Cosmi Service: We are here to help you

Cosmi’s Remote Service is a solution that allows one of our experts to connect to your equipment remotely. We will solve your incidents in real time, and explain every step, without you having to come to Cosmi, and without any extra costs.

This service is exclusive for Cosmi partners.

How do I use the Cosmi remote assistance service?

Go to the other incidents tab, and fill in the form, selecting the option: appointment for remote assistance.

One of our technicians will contact you to assist you remotely.

What do you need for Cosmi remote assistance?

To be able to assist you remotely you must have :




1.Install the software on your PC: COSMI REMOTE

2. Installation of HD Player software on the same PC

3. Request an appointment for remote assistance Cosmi

Fill in the form so that we can contact you

    Services for partners only. If you are an end customer, please contact your partner to resolve your issue.


    Cosmi remote assistance
    Make an appointment to resolve an incident remotely


    Cosmi offers you the remote service (exclusive for partners) through this service you can request an appointment with the technical service explaining your incident and our team will contact you with the necessary tools to solve the incident. Remember that to request this service you must be a partner and follow the steps to be able to offer you Cosmi remote assistance.






    Contact our technical team

    None of our services respond to your incident? Fill in our form and ask for an appointment with a technician.

    We will contact you as soon as possible to solve your issue in a professional way and continue enjoying your Cosmi equipment

    *Exclusive service for partners. If you are an end customer, please contact the partner who supplied you with Cosmi equipment.


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