Control your Cosmi devices through your voice

Domotise your Full Color equipment

Cosmi offers the most advanced way of controlling its equipment.
Through voice

More functionalities with your smartvoice


Programming On/Off


Energy efficiency


Intelligent control


Easy on/off


Cosmi presents a new way to control your screen

Thanks to the Smart Voice that you can purchase together with your Cosmi screen, whether modular or standardised, you can control the on/off switch from your smartphone or tablet, you can switch it off quietly while you are at home or program it to turn on and off easily.

It also allows you to control these functions through your voice with any voice assistant*.

*Not included.

Where is the Smart Voice placed?

This small and compact box is placed in the electrical panel to control the equipment. Placing it in this location ensures a perfect internet connection at all times. The system connects via Wifi to turn your equipment on and off completely from anywhere.

Controlling your Cosmi display has never been so easy!

Just say: “Alexa turn on my Cosmi screen”.

“Ok Google turn on my banner”.

Just say: “Alexa turn on my Cosmi screen”.

Tuya offers a turnkey smart business solution free of charge to anyone.

Download the Tuya APP and link to your voice devices.

Whether on Android or iOS, you can download your Tuya app for free and easily. So you can control your Cosmi equipment and give it a personalised name.

Click on your operating system and download now

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