T901HD card for P-HD processors

T901HD card for P-HD processors

Suitable for the full range of Cosmi P processors for full colour LED screens with live content.

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T901HD card for P-HD processors

The T901 emitter card is a synchronous card for Cosmi P processors and with a DVI signal input, 2 Gigabit network.

The maximum load capacity is 1.3 million pixels, the widest 3840 pixels, the highest 2048 pixels.

Supports multiple LED display control splicing devices.


T901HD card for P-HD processors

Control range: 1.3 million pixels

Maximum width 3840px, and maximum height 2048px

Maximum resolution:1280*1024



The T901 card is an emitter card that can be inserted into Cosmi’s P range processors and special processors for large screens. This type of card can be added one to the other to extend the control range. They allow the processors to communicate with the modular LED display in synchronous or live mode.

This type of board is used with P processors or together with the DVP9081HD processor or the Cosmi 10-card drawer.


1.DVI input
2. USB configuration interface
3. Audio input
4. Gigabit Ethernet port
5. LED Indicator, Red-It is steady on when the equipment is operating normally and flashes during authorization.
6. Power terminal, connect the 5V; power supply.
7. Cascade serial input, cascade sending board;
8. Cascade serial output, cascade sending card;
9. PCI for connecting the computer to the PCI card and the power supply.

Highlights of information

T901HD card for P-HD processors


  • Support 1~64 scans, compatible with full colour and single colour displays.
  • Control range: 1.3 million pixels, widest 3840px, highest 2048px.
  • DVI video input.
  • Supports up to 65536 grayscale levels.
  • Supports cascading with serial port to configure multiple emitter cards.
  • Cards can be added to processors to support higher resolutions.


Características técnicas

T901HD card for P-HD processors




Control range:

1.3million pixels.

Max pixels width 3840px / Max pixels height2048px

Inputs and outputs:

RJ45, DVI, USB 2.0, PCI

Technical Information





5V power terminal




Working temperature


Inputs and outputs


1000M RJ45 x2, serial for cascadax1


5V power terminal, DVIx1, USB 2.0 x1, PCI x1, cascaded serial x1, Audio x1


T901HD card for P-HD processors


The T901HD boards are perfectly matched to Cosmi’s entire range of P processors.

This type of T901HD boards for Full Colour LED displays, are compatible with indoor and outdoor full colour and single colour modules.
Compatible with MBI, MY, ICN, SM and other PWM chips, conventional chips are supported.

Compatible with PIP technology. Supports <<freeze image>> option.



It duplicates the sections that are required at any given moment and reproduces them on the Cosmi Full Colour screen. While working on the PC, content can be reproduced without appearing on the screen. This allows a multitude of possibilities.

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