LCD touch mupi 55″ Android

LCD touch mupi 55″ Android

55 inch Super slim. A giant smartphone with touchscreen and Android. Display for shops and shop interiors


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LCD touch mupi 55″ Android

1.20m LCD screen capable of: announcing products at different distances and dynamically. Its touch system provides a wide range of possibilities.


Operation and operating system through


LCD billboard for shops and shops with touch function

  • Manufactured under strict ISO9001 certified quality controls.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Heavy duty, high brightness indoor display with an IP22 rating.
  • Chassis with an avant-garde design.
  • Made of aluminium and black sheet metal and tempered glass. Protects and beautifies the mupi.
  • Anti-tilt foot for maximum protection and resistance.
  • Touch function
  • Includes WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Android O.S

55 inch super slim LCD Mupi with touch function (indoor).

This is the largest mupi in the Cosmi Touch range. It has an optimum resolution thanks to its large LCD screen. With a quality and design on another level.

Both models of Cosmi’s LCD mupis with touch system have been manufactured under the standards of elegance and slimness. Their rounded lines, black semi-striated metal construction and high-speed touchscreen glass will be the technological delight of any establishment.


This type of LCD equipment is a great advertising weapon.

Mupis advertising with which the user consumes: brands, products or services in a dynamic and bidirectional way.



The mupi with remote control

Even easier to handle

LCD touch mupi 55" Android

55 inch Super slim. A giant smartphone with touchscreen and Android. Display for shops and shop interiors Ref.2912552

View mupi LCD mupi

Highlights of information

LCD touch mupi 55″ Android


  • Inches: 55 inches 4K
  • Aperture: rear
  • Dimensions: 763.4*1900*80.3mm
  • Packing dimensions: 890*2060*225mm
  • Weight: ± 68Kg net


Technical characteristics

LCD touch mupi 55″ Android



LCD. Touch

Power consumption


Response time



LCD. 55 inches

Touch method

Touch IR10



Response time:


Consumption and IP rating

Energy consumption:


IP grade:


Operating system and connectivity


Operating system:

Android 8GHZ RAM: 4GB

Cloud Server:

No (optional)

Internal card:

Up to 32GB +SD



Chassis and stress rating


Tempered glass, aluminium and sheet metal

Working voltage:




Yes. audio 8Ω 5W*

Android system.
To have all the Apps in your mupi







Insert content,
Apps or whatever you need

LCD touch mupi 55″ Android


The 55″ Cosmi mupi has a 680*1210mm screen that gives it great visibility and versatility in handling.

All this combined with an Android operating system that results in having all the Apps available on Google Play, as well as being able to install the customer’s own Apps.


Endless possibilities at the touch of a finger.


The slim mupi with touch function is an ode to elegance. An LCD touch screen with extra fast touch sensitivity.

Design and technology in large dimensions with the 55-inch Cosmi LCD mupi.



LCD touch mupi 55″ Android


Slim LED billboard for indoor advertising with touch function on 55″ LCD screen

55-inch LCD or liquid crystal display mupi with a minimalist design. Its screen with glass protection is made up of pixels placed in front of a light source.

The touch function allows for a satisfying, intuitive, fast, or accurate user interaction. In addition, the large 55-inch vertical display offers a larger field of view and of course better usability.



Where to place totem slim LCD 55" totems

In a world that is becoming more and more technological and at the same time more and more saturated with advertising in which the user evades the advertising around him.


More interaction with the potential customer is needed in the face of so much stimulus.

It is no longer just about advertising a product or service, it is about the customer consuming the advertising, interacting with it or having a tool at their fingertips that facilitates the purchase.

The 55-inch LED billboard has the great advantage of its large size and slim thickness.
This is useful for displaying it at different distances, without taking up a large amount of space.


This is why Cosmi’s new super slim tactile billboards are a very powerful tool in the world of sales. They promote sales, inform and interact with potential customers.

This type of electronic device is usually placed inside any shop, restaurant, veterinary surgeon or business in general.


Advantages of the Cosmi LCD touch screen mupi

Exceed the possibilities of the touch screen even more with the 55 inch LCD touch screen mupi.

Which translates into almost 2 metres in height.In terms of design and chassis. The LCD touchscreen mupis of the Cosmi range have been created under the same purpose: elegance, avant-garde and distinction. With smooth, rounded lines and a slim body, the new super slim mupis are the perfect combination of design and utility.

pantalla lcd mupi cosmi-informacion-centro-comercial

A large internal system in the LCD touch mupi 55" Android

The cooling system of this touch screen is through convection. The cold air enters through its ventilation grilles and when it heats up, it leaves through its upper grilles.

LCD touch mupi 55″ Android

Always offering maximum performance and maintaining an optimum temperature capable of maintaining the stability of the mupi at all times. It also has hidden entrances to the device.
So that they can only be accessed by means of the security key that incorporates the 55″ mupi.

Get inspired…

LCD touch mupi 55″ Android

In Cosmi we leave you with a selection of installations
made by our official partners


Examples of installation of Cosmi led Mupis

mupi LCD tactil Cosmi grupo marcos - Alicante

Mupi LCD Cosmi. Grupo Marcos-  Alicante

Cosmi LCD Mupi for exhibition at a convention- Murcia

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