Modular booths that create giant LED screens for outdoor advertising.

Cosmi has different modular units, or booths, which are joined together to form Full Color screens as large as needed.

The modular units can be indoor or outdoor and display changing, high-performance content.

By joining all the booths together, a borderless screen is created on which advertising and live content can be played.


Captures the attention of any passer-by

with large-format displays

Cosmi offers booths that can be joined together and adapted to each space to form giant screens on facades, equines, hanging, etc.

Consult our Full Color modular equipment with which to form these giant screens.




An element always visible

Full Color screens

We create customised Full Colour screens for both indoors and outdoors, as we are manufacturers.

What content can be displayed on Cosmi screens?

Divided contents

Create, invent and sell with Cosmi Full Color equipment (free software and App)



Resistant to outdoor environments

Cosmi booths have been subjected to the strictest quality controls.

Its IP65/IP54 (front/back) allows it to be used outdoors and to be resistant to atmospheric and environmental phenomena.

Cosmi also has a modular rental model. A lighter and easier to assemble and disassemble type of booth, with which to create screens as large as needed.


Create a giant screen with Cosmi equipment

is much easier.

Discover all the details and which Cosmi equipment is ideal for creating large format screens.

All this with the quality seal of Cosmi, manufacturer of Full Color visual communication equipment.


Cosmi Big Screens. +Details

Setting up a giant screen can be easily done with any Cosmi modular equipment, depending on the pitch chosen it will be for viewing at a greater or lesser distance. For example a P4 is to be viewed from a distance of 4m. So the pitch will determine the viewing distance.

Full color screens:

They are rigid booths prepared for each location, and are usually placed in fixed locations. See all the permanent Full Color booths here

Rental screens

They are lighter and easy to assemble and disassemble due to their compact chassis. These screens are often used for conferences, concerts, etc. Or places where they are to be assembled and disassembled. However, they can also be fixed in conference rooms, cinemas, etc. See the full range of rental products here

Sports teams

On the one hand, there are the perimeter screens that are usually placed in football fields, pavilions, courts, etc. In which advertising sponsors are usually shown. These screens are prepared to receive impacts.

Video scoreboards: we create made-to-measure, full-color video scoreboards. With different functionalities. With our Visport software you will find a multitude of options for any video scoreboard.




Do you want to create a giant screen or more info about Cosmi booths?

Leave us your details and we will give you all the information you need.


    Examples of Cosmi installations and big screens

    Watch all videos of Cosmi large format screens

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