Ionmax system rental screens Cosmi


Ionmax system rental screens Cosmi

The revolutionary system that provides functionality and avant-garde

Cosmi has developed for its two models of rental screens P1,53 and the P2,5 led screen the access through special plates with Ionmax technology.



Ionmax system rental screens Cosmi

What is Ionmax technology?

The Ionmax system is the system that connects the plates of the rental screens to your cabin by means of magnets. Cosmi’s magnetisation is responsible for this type of technology. The advantages of this system of connection between booth and plate have a significant impact on handling, usability and speed of execution.


El Sistema Ionmax para pantallas led rental de Cosmi


Ionmax system rental screens Cosmi

Details to fall in love with:

Access to the interior electronics is through the plates, which means shorter execution times. At the same time, the access to the interior through the plates allows the installation of rental screens on walls.

This IOnmax system is also compatible with the Deluxe series.


How Ionmax works: 

All Cosmi full color plates come on the back with different magnetic modules with a rounded shape that allows for a balanced connection between full colour plates with Cosmi rental booths.

These magnets are manufactured under strict quality controls and a multitude of performance tests, so that they always offer optimum performance. As well as magnetisation with the perfect chassis


How to access the internal circuit of the rental screens with Ionmax

At Cosmi we have implemented this type of Ionmax technology in 1.53 and 2.5 pitch rental screens. These very low pitches offer the highest resolution and sharpness of the entire range of rental screens. This is mainly due to the very small LED spacing.

Due to the small distance between the LEDs in the 1.53 and 2.5 pitch cabins, they also require special care when it comes to maintenance. However, they are easier to access by means of magnet plates.

Special care must be taken when accessing each plate:

  • Avoid colliding plates with each other.
  • Lift the plate to be repaired at the same time from one end as from the other.
  • Do not exert too much force.

These tips will avoid damaging any component. Given that in this type of screens the leds are very tiny and in a fortuitous collision between plates can be damaged.


Cosmi: offering solutions at every step

To offer greater functionality and safety, Cosmi offers the Ionmax suction cup. With its suction function, it quickly grips the plate to be accessed and avoids any type of damage. The Ionmax suction cup is essential for the most accurate and safe dismantling.


NOTE: if the Ionmax suction cup is not available, access the inside of the cabinets by dismantling from one of the ends until reaching the plate to be accessed. This process will be carried out in this way to avoid damaging the LEDs.


How to access the inside of a magnetised plate with the Ionmax suction cup:


1- The suction device shall be placed on the plate to be removed.

Forma de acceso al interior de una placa imantadas con la ventosa Ionmax:


2- Switch on the suction device and wait for about 5 seconds until the device has engaged the plate through the vacuum effect.

To switch on, select On on the safety button and proceed with normal use.



3- When the plate is attached to the suction cup, exert a slight outward pressure to disengage the plate from the rest of the full colour screen.




4- Finally, if the aim is to completely remove the board from the screen, disconnect the wiring and cables attached to the board.


Nota: nunca desconectar el succionador antes de haber terminado este proceso o dejará de succionar la placa led. La interrupción de este proceso puede provocar daños en la placa o la pantalla si la placa la tenemos ya fuera de la pantalla.


Ionmax system rental screens Cosmi

Watch the video on how to access a board with IONMAX technology








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