New Deluxe indoor series

Designed by Jack Cooper and personalised by you

Jack Cooper

A modern and functional designer

Jack Cooper is considered an icon in his professional career, an internationally renowned interior designer from the United States.

His philosophy is based on functional, modern designs that integrate new technologies into the global context of the environment. In this way he creates designs with his own unique identity.

Every project he embarks on is meticulously detailed and he uses a constant listening technique with the client, creating a synergy between the two to achieve unique and successful projects with an exceptional result.

He has won several awards in his professional career, and has created a multitude of spaces to which he has given his personal touch and shape.

Jack Cooper collaborates with Cosmi on this new Deluxe Indoor Series. Creating unique designs of Full Color special indoor equipment to integrate in every space and offer a plus in interior design.

Range of equipment
Deluxe Indoor series

Desing by Jack Cooper

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Chassis: Indoor Deluxe J.C.192*112cm

Chassis: Indoor Deluxe J.C. 224*128cm

Chassis: Indoor Deluxe J.C. 256*144cm.

Chassis:  Indoor Deluxe J.C. 288*160cm

Chassis:  Indoor Deluxe J.C. 320*176cm


Ideas that create unique spaces

loaded with technology and design

Jack Cooper signs the new chassis for Cosmi’s DELUXE line of interior equipment.
Cooper is a lover of decoration and interior design, and this new collaboration is just another step in his successful career in this industry.
The American designer has decorated homes, shops and restaurants and cultivated a reputation for high profits. His philosophy is based on integrating new technological advances. Creating unique pieces that can be customised by the client and creating bespoke designs, in which colour, movement and visual technology merge.
Avant-garde design and absolute personalisation.

Cosmi: from design to personalisation

personalizacion de pantallas full color
Cosmi gives a twist to the Full Color chassis to create this new line of special design equipment for interiors such as shops, shops, meeting rooms, TV sets, etc. The new Deluxe indoor series, signed by the well-known designer Jack Cooper and customised by you, is now available to customers.
Cosmi indoor equipment has a high potential and performance capacity. With great advantages such as the ability to insert Full Colour content and changing designs, whether videos, texts, images, or live content, etc.

A classy chassis with an interior to suit your taste

Cosmi allows you to choose the chassis that best suits your needs.
Once you have chosen the chassis you can customise your DELUXE screen with the type of pitch you want (from P1.86 to P8) as well as the form of communication: either to place live content, such as control areas. Advertising such as in clothing shops or advertising/direct content such as in meeting rooms.


What makes the Deluxe Indoor series different?

sostenibilidad de pantallas cosmi deluxe

Technological Equipment

Full Color Contents

Customised equipment

You choose what you want your Deluxe screen to look like.

Design teams

Signed by the great Jack Cooper

Notoriety and fame

Make a difference with signature equipment

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