Cosmi Full Color Displays at Cprint 2018

cprint 2018 pantallas Cosmi full color

Cosmi Full Color Displays at Cprint 2018

Presentation of Cosmi products


Last September the fifth edition of the C!Print trade fair was held in Madrid. Where the great professionals of the sign industry meet, and where the greatest advances in visual communication are presented.A great stage where Cosmi Full Color series, presented its products. This fair was attended by a multitude of professionals both nationally and from countries adjacent to Spain who did not want to miss this event.



Assembly phase of the Cosmi stand

Everything started on Sunday, when the fair opened its doors for the assembly of the different stands. The Cosmi stand was located on the second floor of the glass pavilion where our installers created an amazingly eye-catching space with the Cosmi product line.


Opening of the C!Print 2018 show

Finally on Tuesday 25th September C!Print opened its doors to the public. Everyone wanted to see what was new in the sector. Among which the Cosmi product range stood out with its giant full color screens, LCD and full-color mupis, as well as pharmacy crosses or full color columns.

Our stand was not only the star of the show because it displayed sharp images with spectacular brightness and high contrast. But also because we were the only ones to bring this type of product to C!Print.Everyone who entered the mezzanine could see the majesty of our 4m screen from a long distance. As they got closer they had a range of possibilities in terms of mupis.


Everyone who entered the mezzanine could see the majesty of our 4m screen from a long distance. As they got closer they had a range of possibilities in terms of mupis.

With full color content, the versatility offered by our LCD mupis with touch function. Or the great reception given to the 82 inch marquee with swivel option, touch screen and full colour whiteboard.


cprint 2018 pantallas Cosmi full color

The business opportunity of Cosmi Full Color screens

Within this framework of possibilities, many professionals came to see the range of products at first hand or to ask for information on one in particular.But Cosmi at this fair not only presented its Full Color

products, but also sold business opportunities, advantages, quality, service and a whole world of possibilities around the brand.

Full Color rental screens

Both national and international customers wanted to know more about Cosmi. Another of the products that were very well received were the rental screens or Full Color rental screens.This type of screens can be easily assembled and disassembled, maintaining the quality, resolution and sharpness of fixed advertising screens.At our stand, a rental screen was set up to welcome passers-by who were strolling through the fair and could see a spectacular image by means of the 2.50 pixel pitch.



As a less expensive and highly versatile product, there were the Full Color double sided, a perfect equipment for any business or establishment that wants to enhance and capture attention.


Full Color pharmacy crosses

Another highlight in the pharmaceutical sector was the Full Color pharmacy crosses. Until now, these pharmacy crosses were usually single-coloured and created a play of light. The Cosmi pharmacy crosses aim to go one step further.

They can not only play with colors, display temperature and time, but also show full colour videos.

Exclusive offers, valuable content that not only provides information. But that captures the consumer’s attention at a higher level.


For all these reasons, the Cosmi stand was a real eye-catcher. It even managed to sell out all the catalogues destined for the C!Print 2018 trade fair.

In addition, a multitude of brochures were handed out and a service was provided in line with Cosmi’s brand values.



Cosmi Full Color Displays at Cprint 2018

After-sales process for Cosmi Full Color equipment

As a differential value, in addition, of course, to the quality of the visual equipment, is the whole after-sales process that Cosmi has. With a private area of video tutorials, to learn how to handle and control the screen effectively. In addition to creating customised content for each screen.

In this area, our professionals can also download manuals.

Have exclusive content, and the possibility of incorporating content to different screens of your property through the cloud server.


Manufacturer of Full Color screens

In addition to all this, Cosmi highlighted at the C!Print show its value as a manufacturer and its continuous expansion. It has a distribution point in every part of Spain. As well as two showrooms, in Murcia and Madrid.

And of course its head office in Murcia. And the official delegation in Madrid.


stand cosmi 2019 cprint pantallas led
Stand C-Print Cosmi con pantallas P5 acceso trasero y esquineras


With all these ingredients and being a new product, it is not surprising that Cosmi Full Color series caught all the attention at C!Print 2018.

Our team, both commercial and technical, did a great job of assembly and advice. This shows the great ecosystem of the brand and the values of the entire Cosmi team.


Watch the complete time lapse of the fair on our channel at YouTube

If you also want to take advantage of this business opportunity, please contact us.

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