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functionality in its purest form

Brightness sensor

Automatic regulation

HD sensor temperature, brightness and humidity

More features for your team


Sensors S208HD

A weather station in your Full Color equipment

Modules Cosmi

The perfect connection

RDF module

Your team always connected

4G module

Places and connected technology

GPS HD Module

Different teams, same content

Accessories for rental displays

He who does not run, absorbs!

Cosmi offers you a whole range of possibilities for the Cosmi rental screens

Avoid knocks on rental cabinets with flight cases.

 Or hang these full colour rental displays in a simple way.

Choose the accessory or accessories that suits your needs!

See rental accessories>

Other accessories

More functionality, more Cosmi

Start-up protection for equipment

Always a secure screen

Fibre to RJ45 converter

Speed and data rate

K524HD board

On/Off and brightness controlled



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