Cosmi Accessories

Accessories for LED rental screens Full color
to raise your Cosmi equipment to infinite usability

Wide variety of sensors that adapt to each Cosmi equipment to offer information with added value

We have special modules that offer maximum performance and connection to another level

Special accessories for rental screens that make transport and installation easier


Cosmi sensors

Pure functionality



Brightness sensor

HD sensor temperature, brightness and humidity

Sensor S208HD


Cosmi modules

The perfect connection



WIFI module

4G module

GPS HD module


Cosmi Accessories

For rental screens



flig case cosmi

Flight Case Cosmi5

Flight Case Cosmi 6

R5 hanger support- NEW

For rental screens 500 * 500mm

soporte colgador pantalla led

R6 hanger support Ionmax

For rental 640 * 480mm screens


R6 hanger support Indoor 

For indoor screens 640 * 640mm

soporte colgador pantalla led

R6 hanger support outdoor – NEW

For outdoor displays 640 * 640mm

Ionmax suction cup 

For rental 640 * 480mm screens

Technology adapted to each space

Get a screen raised to the exceptional with the available Cosmi accessories. It offers important information to passersby such as outdoor temperature, humidity or wind speed.

Sensors that make your equipment shine when you need it most.

Forget to regulate the brightness with the brightness self-regulation sensor, which offers more or less brightness depending on the lux outside




*Estos dispositivos no están incluídos


Rental accessories.

Easy transport, quick installation

Cosmi full color series, offers you a wide range of possibilities for Cosmi rental screens. Avoid knocks on rental cabinets with the flight cases that we put at your disposal or hang in a simple way this type of full color screens for rental.

Choose the accessory or accessories that fit your needs!

Not sure what accessory you need?



Not sure what product you need?

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