Suction cup for LED screens IONMAX

Suction cup for LED screens IONMAX

Cosmi suction cup is an accessory for the extraction of Ionmax LED panels. absorption system.

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Suction cup for LED screens IONMAX

The Cosmi suction cup is an essential element and accessory for Ionmax rental screens.

This device has an absorption system that allows the extraction of the LED panels from the front of the panel.


Suction cup for LED screens IONMAX

What is the Ionmax suction cup used for?

Esta ventosa ha sido creada como un elemento imprescindible para las pantallas de rental Ionmax Cosmi. Como son el caso de la pantalla para rental 1,86 y la pantalla P2,5. Sirve como una herramienta para la extracción de placas de rental mediante acceso delantero.

The suction cup allows any LED board to be removed from the full colour display without doing any damage to it.

This means fast access to the inside of the screen for Cosmi rental. You can access through any plate at any time.

If this suction cup is not used, access to the inside of the Cosmi rental screens must be done by pulling out plate by plate from the outer edge to the inside of the screen, up to the plate you want to access. This is the ideal way of proceeding to avoid damaging any board, LED or component of the Cosmi Full Colour screen.

As there is such a tiny separation between LEDs, it is foreseeable to avoid the collision between boards or LEDs when removing each board by means of the front access.


It is therefore recommended that if you do not have the Ionmax ventonmax you use this way of proceeding inside.

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Suction cup for LED screens IONMAX

How does the Ionmax suction cup work?

  • First of all, the suction cup is placed on the rental plate to be accessed.



  • Once the suction cup is centred, the power button is pressed and its high power creates a closed air circuit, leaving a vacuum between the rental plate and the accessory, which allows it to be extracted from the full colour screen.


  • When the air has exerted its pressure on the plate, it will be anchored to the suction cup and it will be extracted.
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How to access the inside of a magnetised plate with the Ionmax suction cup

See the steps to follow for the use of the suction cup IONMAX

Overview of how IONMAX plates are extracted

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Suction cup for LED screens IONMAX



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