Cosmi monopost installations

Cosmi monopost installations

LED monopoles, also known as LED totems, are a key element in the modernisation of citizen information in urban environments. These information displays play a key role in providing useful data, news, and announcements to citizens and visitors to a city.

These high-tech Cosmi displays use LED technology to provide a clear and vibrant display, ensuring that information is communicated effectively. The new Cosmi URBAN by Cosmi line have become a versatile and dynamic medium for disseminating important information about events, traffic, weather forecasts, government announcements and messages of public interest.

The use of citizen information displays not only improves communication in the community, but also offers advertising opportunities for local businesses. Advertisers can take advantage of these LED devices in their city to promote their products and services, which contributes to the economic development of the city.

In short, citizen information displays are essential tools to keep the population informed and to promote civic interaction in an increasingly digital and connected world. Their versatility and energy efficiency make them an ideal solution for 21st century cities.


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Cosmi Urban screen installations

(installations carried out by partner Cosmi)

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