What is IP and how does it affect LED displays?

resistance ip 65 cosmi screen display

What is IP and how does it affect LED displays?

IP is basic to any full colour display installation. Find out why

First of all, let’s find out what it is all about in the following article:


  • What is IP?
  • What do the digits that accompany the IP correspond to?
  • IP rating of Cosmi Full Colour screens
  • Manufacture of waterproof screens


What is IP and how does it affect LED displays?

1. What is IP?

The IP is defined as a coding system that refers to an international standard to indicate the degree of protection of electrical or electronic equipment against the entry of external agents: dust and water.

That is to say, through the IP it is possible to check the protection of electronic and electrical equipment and the environments they can withstand.


ip grado pantallas

2. What do the digits accompanying the IP correspond to?

It is made up of two numbers that accompany the letters IP (Ingress Protection).

  • The first number indicates the protection of the equipment against the ingress of solid elements, and can range from 0 to 6. Solid elements usually refer to dust and external elements such as gravel, environmental particles, etc.


  • The second number refers to the protection of the equipment against the entry of water, and can range from 0 to 8. Depending on each equipment, in this case, depending on the place where it is going to be installed, one type of IP or another will be used. That is to say, if for example we are going to place a screen inside a shop, the screen is not going to be exposed to atmospheric phenomena or dust in the environment, so an IP20 would be perfect for this type of place. It will not come into contact with water.


What is IP and how does it affect LED displays?

Here is a more detailed visual example of the IP

grado ip para pantallas led cosmi



Following these data we can say that the minimum level of protection is IP00, being nothing protected with this type of IP. On the other hand, the IP68 degree of protection means the maximum level of protection, meaning that the equipment is totally protected against dust and water. This is also called waterproof equipment. The higher the digits, the more protected your electronic equipment will be.






3. IP rating of Cosmi Full Color screens

If we move on to the Cosmi Full Color screens and look at the application of the IP in this equipment, we can see that the brand has created different IPs, distinguishing between full colour screens for indoor application and full colour screens for outdoor use.

 la calificación IP y como afectan a la pantallas Full Color Cosmi

This difference between indoors and outdoors also translates into the final price of each unit, so taking into account the different places where the Cosmi full colour screens will be installed, we subject each screen, once assembled, to different performance tests imitating the environments where they will be installed.
In this way we ensure that the Cosmi screens will withstand perfectly both indoors and outdoors. However, their maintenance will also extend their useful life. You can consult our recommendations for use.



4. Manufacture of waterproof displays

The entire range of Cosmi Full colour outdoor products (p5 screens, p5 rental screens, posters, banners, perimeter screens, p5 mupi and Led pharmacy crosses) have an IP65 degree of protection.

At Cosmi we pay attention not only to the structure that houses the various components, but also to the plates that make up the full color screens.


  • LED panels for outdoor use:

Cosmi Full Color panels designed for outdoor use are coated with a very thin layer of silicone at each LED point, which extends the product’s useful life and ensures its watertightness.

Another of its advantages is the high resistance plastic with which they have been manufactured to withstand high temperatures. The safety plastic on the back of each plate provides an unbeatable seal of guarantee.


plates led placas led full color cosmi pixel pitch outdoor



  • Watertight structure

All the structures of each Cosmi electronic equipment have been manufactured mainly in lacquered metal with cooling architecture to allow air to pass through and cool the entire interior of each electronic sign by means of a ventilation system, allowing only air to enter and preventing the entry of external agents and meteorological phenomena. cross full color outdoor led cosmi cruces led full color cosmi

ventilation system inside each electronic sign, allowing only air to enter and preventing the entry of external agents and meteorological phenomena, which is why each Cosmi full colour display has the IP65 seal, guaranteeing its resistance outdoors. All this, both its cooling capacity and resistance, ensure high durability.

As previously mentioned, most Cosmi booths are made of lacquered metal, but we also have products made of high-strength aluminium, such as the Curve Full colour crosses or the rental screens. This material, in addition to offering high solidity, provides greater lightness than the previous ones.

But Cosmi leaves nothing to chance, and the reason for this decision is due to its versatility and functionality. For example, in the case of rental screens, which are screens that are assembled and disassembled regularly due to their condition for events, this type of screen needs to be light and easy to install, hence the decision to use aluminium.


Todos estos factores son los que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de decidirse por una pantalla de interior y de exterior. Cosmi, además de asegurar su estanqueidad en todos los equipos visuales de exterior cuenta con una serie de recomendaciones para alargar la vida útil del producto.

Watch the video of this installation of a full color screen and a petrol station price list to see an example of Cosmi’s IP.


What is IP? how does it affect LED displays?

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