The most successful LED street advertising products

When it comes to attract the attention of passers-by, there is nothing like betting on LED advertising on public roads. In this way, you can present the brand of your business with an attractive marketing system, while innovative.

As experts in the manufacture of products with LED lights for professionals, we want to point out the different types of items that you can find in the market to achieve effective advertising, and that go far beyond the traditional billboards.

Types of products with LED lights to advertise your business in the urban outdoors

If you want to create a great impact on users who pass near your business or company and advertise your brand or show them your new campaign or promotion, we recommend that you choose one of the items for advertising in the street that we detail in the following lines.

Monoposte led

These luminous posts are perfect to get a great visibility in a certain location, such as a road with a lot of vehicles. Strategically placed, the information you want will be seen, with total security, by many people who can become customers of your business.

Monopostes Digitales Full Color

Within this type of products, a wide range of products awaits you to choose the one that best suits your needs, such as small or large format monopoles to advertise throughout the day, for example, the proximity of your business or when your next star product will go on sale.

LED billboards

These luminous products are similar to marquees but with a strategically placed LED light fixture. They are characterized by presenting digital signage screens in vertical format that will reinforce your advertisements wherever you place them.

mupi led interactivo

Thanks to technological advances in this field, there are models that are tactile, others that incorporate advertising on both sides and some even include WiFi connection so that you can manage the contents.

In many train or bus stations, shopping malls, airports or fairs you can already find this urban advertising model that acts as a magnet to reinforce promotions of items or services being promoted.

LED signs or illuminated signs

The led signs or signs with led lights are revolutionary products indicated to place on facades or shopping centers and, of course, on the monopoles of any metropolitan area. Your creativity will be responsible for including texts, images or animations to attract the attention of pedestrians.

cartel led luminoso parking

Almost all businesses have one right at the entrance to their premises to focus attention on their services or offers. The need of your business is the one that should mark the right sign and, for this, you only have to worry about choosing the site with greater visibility so that the advertising expansion will be a success.

It should be noted that there are different sizes and resolutions. Therefore, before choosing a specific model, it is advisable to find out the characteristics of each of them.

Luminous LED banners

LED banners will help you to catch the attention of passers-by both at short and long distances with changing advertisements. Because they are double-sided, users will have more chances to see the information you want to include, such as offers or advertising videos. They will make your business stand out from others, and you can place them directly on a facade and choose the format of the article with different shapes, such as square or round.

Giant LED screens

If you want to reach the maximum number of customers and that your advertising is the most direct attention, digital panels are undoubtedly your best option. Many powerful companies and institutions use this type of luminous product to establish a direct communication with the citizenship because they know that it is the most effective method to achieve it in large masses.

pantallas led para cines


There is no doubt that when you place this huge screen in a crowded environment, this tool will become the protagonist of all advertising campaigns in the vicinity. Of course, you can also consider the idea of adapting this product to different structures such as attics, digital monopoles or billboards, among others.

The LED luminaire included is of high intensity and are manufactured to adapt to all environmental conditions that occur during the 24 hours, as they have an automatic regulation system to provide the best possible image clarity at all times.

Therefore, you will not have to worry whether it is night or day because even if the sun is shining directly, they are fully visible from all angles.

In conclusion, LED advertising on public roads will allow you to adapt the marketing of your company to the new times and, thanks to the professionals who are dedicated to this sector, you will be able to acquire the most innovative and impressive products on the market. In addition, you will have professional advice on the best location.

We emphasize that all outdoor models are conditioned to be outdoors without the light sensors can deteriorate.

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