Rodax Cosmi: structures for LED screens

Rodax Cosmi: structures for LED screens
Get to know the new Rodax system patented by Cosmi

In the world of architecture and façade design, the incorporation of innovative technologies and new forms of visual communication has led to new ways of communicating and personalising buildings.


In this context, Cosmi, a leading company in digital communication solutions and promoter of new ways of installing full colour LED equipment, has presented its latest development: the Rodax system for PEGASO structures


This revolutionary system allows LED modular cabins to be installed on facades, using minimal thickness.
The most outstanding feature of the Rodax system is the ability to roll the cabins along a rail, which facilitates access to the interior at any time.

Rodax Cosmi: structures for LED screens

In this article, we will explore the benefits and applications of this new system.


1. Versatile and aesthetic design.

Cosmi’s Rodax system has arrived to change the way we conceive the installation of LED screens on façades.

Thanks to its modular design, customised designs can be created and adapted to the specific needs of each project. The modular LED cabins slide smoothly along the rail, allowing for easy installation and a wide range of aesthetic possibilities. In addition, the reduced thickness of the Rodax system ensures a perfect integration with the existing architecture, without compromising the thickness of the installation or its access to the interior.


2. Quick and easy access:

One of the main advantages of the Rodax system is its ability to move. The cabins slide smoothly along the rail, making it easy to access the interior at any time. This means that technicians can maintain and repair the LED booths at any time and efficiently, without the need for additional machinery or dismantling the entire giant screen.

In addition, the Rodax system allows for the replacement of components or the addition of new technologies and accessories without interrupting the overall operation of the façade.



3. Energy efficiency and durability:

Cosmi’s Rodax system prides itself on its focus on energy efficiency. The modular LED booths incorporate state-of-the-art technology that provides bright and uniform illumination, using a minimal amount of energy. This translates into significant savings in long-term electricity costs. In addition, LED displays are extremely durable, ensuring a long service life and increased resistance to adverse weather conditions.


4. Diverse applications:

The Rodax system is highly versatile and can be applied in a wide variety of architectural projects. From commercial and residential buildings to cultural centres and public spaces, this system provides an effective solution for digital signage on facades. The modular LED cabins can be customised in terms of shape, size and colour, allowing for the creation of unique and attractive designs. In addition, the Rodax system is compatible with different types of façades.


Rodax Cosmi: structures for LED screens

3 models of Pegaso structures for fixed Cosmi chassis

Cosmi’s Rodax system has revolutionised the way LED modular cabins are installed on building facades.

Thanks to its ability to roll along a rail, this system provides quick and easy access to the interior of the booths at any time. In addition, its versatile design, energy efficiency and durability make it an attractive and cost-effective solution for the installation of LED screens in series on facades and against walls.

With the Rodax system, it allows for greater customisation and creativity in building design.


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