How to choose the best Full Color LED screen

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How to choose the best LED screen

We help you to know how to choose a Full Colour screen LED technology is becoming more and more present in our lives. There are many advantages to using it, such as the energy and economic savings that it entails. But when it comes to buying a Full Colour screen, there are a number of aspects to take into account. And at Cosmi, as manufacturers, we know them well.  

What to consider before choosing a Full Colour display:

  • Pixel Pitch: the distance in millimetres from the centre of a pixel to the centre of the adjacent pixel.
  • Location: Indoor VS Outdoor
  • Nits: One nit is equivalent to one candela per square metre.
  • Screen aperture
  • HD Player software

What elements should we take into account before choosing a Full Color screen:

#1. Let’s start by talking about Pixel pitch.

When choosing a Full Color LED display, pitch is very important. This term refers to the distance from one LED to another adjacent LED. That is, the space between LED and LED and is usually measured in millimetres. This is taken as a reference to know from which distance each LED display can be seen well. And also to get an idea of the resolution of the screen. A smaller pitch means a sharper image. Since it has a higher number of LEDs, the distance to see the screen properly will be smaller. On the other hand, a high pitch has less resolution and needs more distance to be seen optimally.  
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  In this way, the location where a Cosmi Full Color display is to be placed is of vital importance. For example, if you intend to purchase a Cosmi display to be placed on a totem pole at a height of 5m. A Cosmi Full Colour P8 display will be placed, as the average distance at which the potential customer will view it will be around 8m. This would make it unnecessary to purchase a screen with a lower pitch, as it would be more expensive than a pitch 8. On the other hand, if the screen is to be placed at a height of about two metres, it would be advisable to install a screen of a lower pitch. It would be advisable to install a Cosmi P5 or P4 screen for optimum resolution. The Cosmi brand has created a variety of options regarding Full Color LED electronic screens with different types of Pixel pitch to adapt to the needs of each client and their installation environment.


How to choose the best LED screen

#2.Where it will be place: indoors or outdoors.

This detail will also determine the screen to choose. For indoor installation, screens with an IP22 rating are usually used as they will not be subject to external phenomena such as atmospheric conditions or pollution. However, the fact that it is installed indoors does not necessarily mean that this type of screen should be chosen, as the humidity level indoors must also be taken into account.

If humidity conditions exceed 65%, an outdoor screen is recommended.

Another aspect to take into account in this area is the indoor location where it will be placed. For example, if it is going to be placed inside a shop window where there is a lot of sunlight, it would also be advisable to place an outdoor screen, as it has a higher brightness and is more resistant to the magnifying glass effect that the glass can have on the screen.   Full Color outdoor screens, as mentioned above, are equipped with measures that are resistant to these environments. Its IP65 guarantees its watertightness and its resistance to atmospheric phenomena and external agents. This makes them ideal for façades, totem poles, concerts and outdoor events, etc. We show you in video the best range of Cosmi Led Displays  


How to choose the best LED screen

#3.The nit.

Also called candela per square metre (cd/m2) which is derived from the candela and the square metre. The International System units for measuring luminance and area respectively. This quantity indicates the amount of light a screen is capable of emitting.

In other words, the brightness of a screen.

This data is relevant to know the total brightness emitted by a full colour screen. In this case, indoor full colour screens emit less brightness than outdoor screens because of the different conditions where they will be exposed. Normally, outdoor screens need more nits to be seen optimally when the sun shines on them, a condition that indoor screens are not usually exposed to.  

How to choose the best LED screen

#4.Types of access to the Cosmi Full Color screen

  • Rear opening:

This is the conventional and most commonly used method as it is the cheapest and most standardised. This type of opening is ideal for use in the interior of shops or businesses. Where there is no problem of access for possible repairs or maintenance, on totems where access to the interior is possible, etc. Cosmi screens have a special security key to be able to access the screen. Without this it is not possible to open the cabin, which is safe and reliable to prevent anyone from manipulating the full-colour screen. The visual communication equipment with rear access is as follows:  
  • Front opening:

It is very easy to access the interior as there is no need to dismantle the structure. As in the vast majority of front access equipment on the market. Its system by means of a gas pressure spring opens the structure easily. No need to exert any kind of force on it. This makes maintenance and repairs easier. In addition to ensuring the safety of the same through its secure locking clips. The visual equipment of the Cosmi range that have this type of system are:
  •  P5 screens and P8
  • full color banners marquees
  • Cosmi full color double sided
  • Cosmi Full Color crosses

How to choose the best LED screen

#5. El software

There are examples in many areas. People who buy a product and then don’t know how to use it because the software is difficult to use. Or even after buying the product you have to buy the software to use it. For all these reasons and to guarantee a complete purchasing experience. Cosmi incorporates free, easy-to-use software in its entire range of full-colour products. But not only that, we want to go one step further. We have created a series of video tutorials that explain step by step how to incorporate content to the screen. You can even learn how to create content from within the management programme itself. So the customer will have an easy tool at their disposal. Able to take advantage of the placement of your Cosmi Full Color display. Attracting and improving their sales, as well as if it is for live visualisations, they will know how to handle it in an easy and intuitive way. In addition to resolving any questions or doubts through our technical service.  

How to choose the best LED screen

Content programming Another of the advantages offered by our free software. It is the possibility of programming the timetable for switching the screen on and off. As well as programming the content of the screen depending on the day of the week. So this tool is of great importance when you want to launch a daily offer. Without having to worry about changing the content on a daily basis. Con todos estos factores a tener en cuenta, es el momento de elegir que pantalla Full Color comprar. O cual de los productos resulta el más beneficioso para el lugar de instalación. For all these reasons, Cosmi has a team of specialised advisors capable of guiding and advising on the product range that is most profitable for each business. In addition to this, we have sales outlets specialising in Cosmi Full Color screens throughout Spain and Portugal.

Find out where the Cosmi point in your city is easily accessible.


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