Christmas tree Murcia 2023 information

mupi full color tecnologia e informacion en murcia navidad 2023

The Christmas season has arrived in Murcia and, as always, Cosmi is at the forefront of communication innovation!


Christmas tree Murcia 2023 information

This year, Cosmi has taken digital advertising to a new level by installing two spectacular double-sided Full Colorr Mupis on the iconic Christmas tree located in the round of Murcia. This brilliant addition not only festively illuminates the heart of the city, but also provides a technological, informative and advertising point, highlighting the importance of using cutting-edge technology in strategic locations.

Christmas tree Murcia 2023 information

The choice to install the Mupi in this popular location is no coincidence. La Redonda de Murcia, especially during the Christmas season, becomes a magnet for locals and tourists alike.

This iconic landmark is filled with families enjoying the festive lights and special events. The installation of the double-sided Full Colour Mupi on the Christmas tree not only adds a modern and eye-catching touch, but also demonstrates Cosmi’s vision of bringing communication to where the people are.

vuelve la ilusion de la navidad a murcia con cosmi y los mupis full color
Why is it so crucial to incorporate digital advertising technology in high-traffic locations such as the Murcia roundabout?

The answer lies in the ability of these devices to effectively capture attention. In an environment where competition for the public’s attention is fierce, a double-sided Full Colour Mupi stands out for its ability to display vibrant, eye-catching advertisements that do not go unnoticed. Cosmi, as a pioneer in visual communication solutions, understands the importance of adapting to technological trends and providing tools that make a difference. By installing this Mupi in such an emblematic location, Cosmi not only physically illuminates the round of Murcia, but also illuminates information, advertising Murcia and provides technology to the heart of Christmas in Murcia.  

mupi led doble cara murcia navidad 2023 cosmi

Christmas tree Murcia 2023 information

In this festive period, Cosmi is proud to continue to contribute to the dynamism of communication in Murcia. The company continues to be a beacon of innovation, bringing LED technology to places where people meet and connect. With the installation of these two mupis, Murcia shows even more information with its Christmas posters and in a dynamic way. Giving a plus of technology in the heart of Christmas in Murcia. Through our partner network we continue to grow. In short, the installation of the double-sided Full Colour Mupi on the Christmas tree in the Murcia roundabout not only adds a touch of modernity to the city, but also highlights the importance of using advanced technology in strategic locations. Cosmi, as always, continues to lead the way in visual communication and LED technology in Murcia.  

Light up Christmas, light up Murcia with Cosmi!

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