Airfresh system for outdoor LED screens

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<<Through the needs of our customers, we are developing new processes to optimise Cosmi equipment>>.

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Through various processes and technological developments coupled with subsequent testing of equipment behaviour, performance, calibration and benefits.

The AirFresh system has been developed in the different Cosmi equipment:




Sistema AirFresh Cosmi

Airfresh system for outdoor LED screens


The system developed by Cosmi after a multitude of tests, planning and prototypes is already implemented in all Cosmi full color outdoor equipment.

This type of system has been installed only in outdoor equipment because they are the ones that must respond to greater resistance when created to be installed in outdoor environments. This means that they have to face external agents, atmospheric phenomena, pollution, different temperatures, etc.



Airfresh system for outdoor LED screens

What is the AirFresh system?

This technological advance is subject to the way Cosmi outdoor units are cooled.

This cooling is achieved through the air inlet and outlet. High-performance louvres and high-performance fans allow the cold air to pass through. Inside the full-colour display, an air circuit is created that cools each component of the modular system. When this air circulates inside the chassis, it heats up and is expelled to the outside through the upper louvres.

For this reason, the air inlet and outlet grilles must never be obstructed.


Proven benefits of the AirFresh system:

  • Extends the life of Full Colour LED displays
  • Prevents overheating
  • Prevents condensation inside the chassis
  • Withstands high summer temperatures for optimum performance.


Airfresh system for outdoor LED screens

Manufacturing process of the AirFresh Cosmi system

The manufacturing process goes through different phases until its final implementation in the equipment:

  • Preliminary studies
  • Initial analysis and creation of the Airfresh system.
  • Manufacture and start-up.


  • Previous studies

The first step in creating the AirFresh system was to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of implementing this system.

The aim was to increase the thickness of standardised cabins and equipment by a few centimetres in exchange for optimisation and durability.

Our team of experts began by making the relevant sketches to be incorporated in the first instance in the Full Color Cosmi booths.


Proceso de fabricación del sistema AirFresh Cosmi


Airfresh system for outdoor LED screens

  • First analyses and development of the AirFresh refrigeration system

After the first sketches and preliminary studies, the first virtual tests of the behaviour of the AirFresh system and its various components were carried out.

The design of the high-performance interior fans, created especially for these full-colour screens.

They are able to run for 24 hours uninterrupted by means of a revolutionary cam process that offers high performance and provides the right air cooling circuit at all times.


It was also analysed how to achieve the ideal flow of cold air in each unit. Through the different grilles and ventilation created for these Full Color devices.

The use and operation under extreme conditions of all the interior components of the screen was tested. Through a three-dimensional model based on mathematical calculations of the air mass and its subsequent extraction, the conclusion was reached of the creation of a ventilation system that had to rotate at X RPM so that there would always be an optimum air flow inside the booths.




Analisís del sistema Airfresh de Cosmi



  • Production and first results

After the entire virtual process, we moved on to the manufacturing phase. In this step, the different elements of the cooling system were created and then assembled to create the AirFresh system.

Fabricación y primeros resultados Cosmi

After the manufacturing process, everything was assembled and installed in the chassis of the modular displays. Once all the connections had been made, the various performance tests were carried out. The Cosmi equipment underwent extensive testing with the AirFresh system installed.



  • Analysis of performance results

Once the Cosmi cabins had been exposed to various endurance tests such as high temperatures, rain, pollution, wind, etc., the data collected were analysed.

The data collected was analysed. In all of them, the figures were really promising, notably improving the performance of the equipment and avoiding overheating of the electronic components.

Following the data collected, this system was installed in all Cosmi equipment intended for outdoor installation. The result:



+ Airflow


+ Thermal dissipation


+ Durability of components




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