Cosmi orders and delivery

Incident with messaging and order tracking

Check the status of your order or create an incident with the reception of your order.

Cosmi orders and delivery

Messaging incidents

Check the status of your order at any time

Cosmi orders and delivery

Status report
of the goods


Dear customer:
We kindly ask you to check the material sent by Cosmi.
Both the packaging and the equipment, in case of any incident.

In the case of having found any anomaly in the reception of your goods.
goods. Please fill in all the fields in the form and send it to us so that we can make the relevant claim to the transport agency.

You can also send us an e-mail to your local sales representative, together with the corresponding photographs and description of the incident.


This form or email must be sent within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of the material.
After this time we will not be able to take charge of the damages caused by the transport agency.

Cosmi orders and delivery














Cosmi orders and delivery

Incident with the messaging incident.

Please fill in the necessary fields to proceed with the opening of your incident.

























    Images of breakage or damage to the courier service *Max. 3MB files*

    Cosmi orders and delivery

    Order tracking

    My order status

    The expected delivery date for your order is calculated as follows:

    1. Order accepted:

    When a quote is validated by the partner. Cosmi sends an order acknowledgement message. This message contains the instructions to proceed with the official booking of the order.


    2. Order in process.

    Once Cosmi receives the payment, you will receive an order confirmation by email with the order details, availability and expected delivery date. At this point your order will go to the production queue.

    During this process we check the equipment, configure it, insert the contents and perform the final performance analysis to ensure that everything is perfect and ready for the long periods of operation to which it will be subjected.

    Once everything has been tested, the equipment is repacked with its corresponding protections so that it does not suffer any knocks during shipment.

    3.Order on departure.

    At the end of the whole manufacturing and tuning process. The order becomes an Outgoing Order. At this point the customer will be informed that the order is ready for dispatch and will pay the final amount of the same.

    4. Order shipped.

    Shipping notification: when your order leaves our warehouse you will receive a shipping notification email informing you of the courier company and tracking code.

    We will contact you by email or phone if you have a problem:

    • We need additional information from you in order to process your order.
    • We need to make changes to your order (e.g. availability times, product updates, etc.).
    • We encounter a problem during delivery
























    Cosmi orders and delivery

    Order tracking

    Complete the necessary fields to see the status of your order.

















      Cosmi orders and delivery

      New service

      EXPRESS Delivery

      Cosmi launches its new fast delivery service. For equipment that is needed immediately.


      *This service has an added cost. Consult all the conditions with your specialised advisor

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