Led screens for rental Cosmi

Lightness with absolute visualization

Great viewing power coupled with lightness and easy assembly and disassembly. It is ideal for companies or businesses that need these features.

Optional accessories for an infinite experience, such as transport flish case with metal closure or auxiliary structure.

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More dynamic events

Through the Cosmi rentamix loop advertisil screens, events capture more attention from the potential client, whether at fairs, congresses, conferences or advertising events. In addition, through Cosmi’s Dual LED playback system, a screen can ng with live content.

Why choose COSMI rental screens?

This type of modular technology is acquired to be rented for its easy assembly and light weight. In fact, no prior knowledge is required for assembly. The plates are simply joined and the cables are connected. They are ideal to place in sporting events, concerts, fairs, etc. Possibility of texts, videos, images, pictograms, date, time, temperature, etc.

They can also be controlled through the remote access Cosmi Cloud Server

* Service not included

An optimal resolution anywhere.

The Cosmi rental screens, like the rest of its range, have an optimal resolution and four models that will depend without being placed inside or outside, as well as their viewing distance.

The frame of all the plates has been created in aluminum for greater lightness and resistance which together with its high quality LEDs offer an unbeatable image at any time.

¿Quién necesita una pantalla de alquiler LED?

Entertainment Companies

Conference rooms and Coworking

Advertising agencies

Event and freelance companies

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