LED scoreboard 24seconds basketball

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LED scoreboard 24seconds basketball

A possession clock in basketball

As unique as you are

The 24-second timer in detail

The system has been designed for the display of time of possession and time-out in the game of basketball.
The current regulations stipulate that these times are 24/14 and 60 seconds respectively.

Its high quality and bright LEDs give it added value.

Allowing you to see the time remaining at any time and in any part of the pitch, court or sports centre.

LED 24 seconds basketball

Highlights 24 second


Power supply:

230Vca, 35VA máx




2pz 29,2×30,4×4,4cm +1pz 20x8x12,5cm.

Acoustic signaller

With time end on each display

Sound intensity 105db-30cm

Customisation of the time-out

Possibility to modify
possession times

With a value from 1 to 99 seconds.

Italian manufacture

Viewing angle

More functionalities of the LED counter

20cm high, red LED figures

Green indicator light on the display indicating the countdown in progress.

Connection cables to the displays: 1 x 20m + 1 x 40m, supplied.


Management of the 14-second rule (according to the latest rules of the


LED scoreboard 24seconds basketball

All these features of the 24-second counter for basketball make this LED display an indispensable piece of equipment for any basketball game.

It is also fully compatible with Cosmi’s Visport multisport software.

This set of two second counter displays adapts perfectly to any space. And its red LEDs are compatible with any basketball game.

In addition, the long cable length allows installation from a great distance.


The 24-second counter shows the time of possession and can be set from one second to 99 seconds. With a wide viewing angle and the power that defines Cosmi equipment.

This possession counter works through a button panel or control panel so that it complies with all the parameters according to the current regulations in matches where this digital counter is essential.

The digital second hand with its own character of the Cosmi sport line. Normally a video scoreboard screen is installed, together with the software and this seconds hand.

Remember that Cosmi’s digital counter has been created for indoor use, such as sports centres, sports halls, indoor courts, etc.



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