LED multisport scoreboards. Visport multisport

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    In which sports can Visport Multisport be used?

    The Visport Multisport is valid for different sports:
    • Basketball
    • MiniBasket
    • Handball
    • U16 Handball
    • Handball U12
    • Indoor Football
    • User 1
    • User 2



    On which Cosmi equipment can Visport Multisport be installed?

    LED multisport scoreboards. Visport multisport

    The Visport Multiderte software can be displayed on any Cosmi screen of any size and can create giant video scoreboards. Both screens with permanent Full Color cabins and screens with detachable rental chassis can be used.

    *Cosmi equipment and Visport software are sold separately.

    Data included in the software

    Visport Multideporte

    Complies with federal regulations


    What is included in the Visport Multisport?

    The Visport multisport includes software + console + manual.

    By means of the console it can be operated with quick shortcuts from the video scoreboard. It can also be controlled and customised via PC.

    It includes the personalisation of shields, team names, advertising inserts, etc.

    Technical recommendations where to install the multisport video scoreboard:
    Own PC we recommend minimum i3 – Ram 4Gb – SSD 512Gb with W10)

    Consola Visport Multideporte

    A plus for your multisport video scoreboard with ease of use.

    This is how it works, this is the Cosmi console especially for sports scoreboards.


    Convert your basketball video scoreboard

    in an out-of-the-ordinary


    Visport Multisport is compatible with

    Operating system

    Windows XP and all higher versions.

    What elements make up a football video scoreboard?

    1. Full color screen. Whether rental or full color
    2. Videoprocessor
    3. Visport multisport software + console
    4. UTP Cat6 cable up to 80 meters (longer distances with fiber and converter).
    5. Client PC (We recommend minimum i3 – Ram 4Gb – SSD 512Gb with W10)

    TIP: Ideally, video scoreboard screens should be chosen in a 16:9 format or similar, to maintain proportionality and avoid stretched or flattened video or images.

    videomarcador polideportivo 4 pantallas cosmi

    The video processor

    A must-have for Visport Multisport

    The video processor can adjust the brightness automatically and also manually to adjust it more precisely. This video processor takes the image in real time and duplicates the screen from the PC where the Visport software is installed to the screen or video scoreboard. In this way you can see a refined, fullcolor, full-featured and dynamic video scoreboard.

    The video processor also allows the content input to be changed. You can switch at the touch of a button from displaying the content of the Visport software to a live video camera, or to another of the multitude of inputs and ports found on the video processor.

    A real eye-catcher for brands, sponsors or companies that want to place their advertising during the matches.

    A perfect video scoreboard for a variety of sports

    Between video scoreboard, advertising and live content

    The Visport multisport software also allows full screen videos to be placed during half-time or before the start of the match. These advertising videos can be combined with live content such as spectator recordings or the well-known Kiss Cam. So that there is an interaction between the public and the environment.

    NOTE: Videos launched in full screen must be set to the software’s aspect ratio (16:9), thus avoiding black stripes on the top or bottom or sides. The video player does not change the aspect ratio of videos to fit the panel, to avoid distorting the images.

    Example of video scoreboard installations

    Consult each project of video scoreboard installations carried out by our partner Cosmi.

    videomarcador polideportivo 4 pantallas cosmi
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