Sensor module S208HD. Environmental monitoring for full color displays

Sensor module S208HD. Environmental monitoring for full color displays.

It creates a weather station with real data and transmits it to your Full Color equipment. This weather kit can be purchased as a complete kit or the components can be purchased separately, but you must always carry the controller box (Ref. 29042081) as it is the one that translates the acquired data and sends it to the display.

Meteorological devices available:

S208 HD1. (Ref 29042082) measures temperature, brightness, humidity, PM2.5 and PM10.

S208 HD2. (Ref 29042083) measures temperature, brightness, humidity, PM2.5, PM10 and noise

Wind speed (Ref 29042084) measures wind speed

Wind direction (Ref 29042085) measures wind direction

Temperature and humidity (Ref 29042086) measures temperature and humidity

Particle measurement (Ref 29042087) determines air quality


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Environmental monitoring sensor box

HD-S208 is an environmental monitoring device that integrates wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, brightness, noise, PM2.5 and PM10 sensors. It also supports infrared remote control.


This S208 module, which integrates different multifunctional sensors, offers more environmental information to passers-by.

Through this sensor that connects to any Cosmi equipment, it is able to go one step further, offering added value information on any Full Colour screen, banner, sign or Cosmi equipment.

This innovative and up-to-date accessory supports all full-colour asynchronous control systems. And it includes eight functions:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Brightness
  • PM value: wind speed, wind direction, noise and brightness.

The complete set of equipment includes wind speed transmitter, wind direction transmitter, multifunctional shutter box, remote control receiver and main control box S208.

Components of the S208HD sensor module:

1- HD-S208 Main Control Box (Ref. 29042081)

It is responsible for collecting the data transmitted by the sensor and connecting to the Cosmi control card, which in turn sends the information to the Full colour equipment. It is the core of this S208 module. This element is indispensable with any S208 sensor.


2- Cosmi Multisensor

Cosmi offers two multisensors that provide different data:

The S208 HD1 sensor (Ref. 29042082): gets the ability to monitor temperature, humidity, brightness and PM2.5, PM10 values and pass this data to the main control box.

The S208 HD2 sensor (Ref. 29042083): provides the ability to monitor temperature, humidity, brightness, noise and PM2.5, PM10 values and pass this data to the main control box.



3-Wind speed sensor (Ref. 29042084)

This sensor detects in real time the ambient air circulation speed, passing data to the main control box. It interprets the data and transmits it to the display.

4- Wind direction sensor (Ref. 29042085)

This sensor is used to get information about where the air is flowing. It detects in real time the direction of the ambient air flow, passing data to the main control box. Once the data have been interpreted, they are reproduced in the Cosmi

5- Humidity and temperature sensor (Ref. 29042086)

By means of this sensor, the signal is received. It transfers the data to the box, which in turn decodes the data and sends it to the display to find out the humidity and temperature in the environment. This type of sensor is widely used in monopoles and road information displays.

6- Particle measurement sensor (Ref. 29042087)

This sensor measures and determines the quality of ambient air and airborne particles in order to determine the degree of pollution in the environment.

In this way all sensors are connected to the central tower or HD-S208 control box. Therefore, this box has different inputs as follows:



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