P3 LED display for shop windows

P3 LED display for shop windows

P3 LED display for shop windows Cosmi, digital signage to modernise shop interiors, shop windows, shop windows, etc. Full color LED, resolution


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The perfect digital signae for shop windows




¿Cómo son las pantallas

para escaparates Cosmi?


Las pantallas P3 especial escaparates son equipos LED con una alta luminosidad

y preparados para ser colocados, tanto en escaparates, como en interiores de tiendas o comercios.

Su pixel pitch P3 lo dotan de la capacidad de verse perfectamente desde distancias cortas.

Asimismo hemos revolucionado estos equipos de escaparate digital con un chasis delgado y compacto,

y el valor diferencial de adaptar estás pantalla LED Full Color por su parte trasera con vinilos microperforados

con la identidad corporativa del lugar donde este instalado*

Y por supuesto, tienen la magia de Cosmi, con su funcionalidad modular.

Estas pantallas infinitas para escaparates, se pueden unir para formar

una pantalla a la medida de cada escaparate o interior

*Vinilo no incluido

Tailor-made shop windows

P3 LED display for shop windows

With modular displays that link together to create bespoke digital showcases.

Very special technology. Very Cosmi Technology

Cosmi window displays can be joined together to form a display in the sizes required for each window display or Full Colour digital project. Its infinite screen offers a perfect union between P3 chassis so that when the screen is seen in its entirety, the joints are not visible at any time. It is a technology for shop windows with the Cosmi seal.

Vertical or horizontal display. You choose

Place your shop window display in the orientation you need. This equipment is able to be positioned both vertically and horizontally.
Its 16:9 format offers a standardised ratio for the insertion of videos, images or texts, much easier and faster.

Highlights of information

Indoor P3 booths.
Special Showcases


  • Pixels: 312*520px
  • Opening: Open (add decorative vinyl)
  • Measures: 960*1600*75mm
  • Packing measures: 1650*1035*130mm
  • Weight: ± 35Kg neto /40Kg con embalaje

> Manufactured under strict ISO9001 certified quality controls.

> Lightweight and easy to install

> Possibility of texts, videos, images, date, time, temperature, etc.


P3 LED display for shop windows

P3 LED display for shop windows Cosmi, digital signage to modernise shop interiors, shop windows, shop windows, etc. Full color LED, resolution  


Technical characteristics

P3 LED display for shop windows



Average consumption










±4.400/ 5.000nits




Viewing distance:


Viewing angle:

140º V/ 130ºH


Maximum consumption:


Average consumption:


Technical information





Degree of work

Working humidity:


Working temperature:

-20º – +40º


The incorporation of an emitter card is required, which will vary according to the overall size of the display.

Cable RJ45 and USB:

Yes (with card)

Cloud Server:

No (optional)


No (optional)


No (optional)

Servicios and APPS

App IOS and Android:

Included. Multilanguage

Software HD Player:

Included. Multilanguage

Video, image and text

Video playback formats



Image reproduction formats



Text reproduction formats
PDF, Txt, Doc, Docx,

LED brightness for shop windows

Cosmi offers you a screen created especially for shop windows and shop interiors. Its brightness makes it perfectly visible when the sun shines through the window, as well as in shop interiors it can be adapted so that you can see a sharp and clear image without glare.

Personalise your digital shop window.
Front and back

Cosmi digital displays for shop windows have different advantages that make them so special. Among them, the functionality of customising the back of the shop window display with the corporate image of the company, shop or franchise.

Cosmi has adapted this chassis, incorporating some holes to its rear part with the purpose of having the possibility of joining the screens together, as well as, of placing a micro-perforated vinyl on its rear part, keeping the aesthetics of the place. That is why it does not have a rear door.



*It is essential to place a micro-perforated vinyl on the back to hide the electronics and maintain ventilation. If it is to be recessed, it must be ensured that there is air circulation for ventilation.

Pantalla LED para escaparates. Comunicación

We put at your disposal the control of any Cosmi Full Colour led screen through Windows(PC) or our APP for IOS and Android, able to control, include content, on/off function, etc. Via smartphone.
We have also created a cloud service called Cloud Server. Now it is easier to upload content to any computer**.


** See Cloud Server conditions

LED display with slim design and stunning resolution

The new P3 special shop window display has a slim and adaptable indoor chassis. Combined with the outdoor LED panels it offers the perfect combination of brightness, resolution and design. To show off any shop, shop or shop window.

Examples of installations

P3 LED display for shop windows

Estas son algunas formas de instalación de las pantallas P3 de escaparate. Recuerda que pueden ser instaladas en horizontal o vertical

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