Led advertising screen for rental P4 full Color Inside

Led display for rent P4 Full Color interior (intdoor) of high brightness and low consumption, integrated in a solid aluminum chassis.



Led display for rent P4 Full Color interior (intdoor) of high brightness and low consumption, integrated in a solid aluminum chassis.

Led advertising screen with rear opening. Unmatched resolution and contrast. Easy and simple transport, assembly and disassembly due to its lightness and compact chassis

Programmable texts, 3D animations, videos, split screen, images with transitions by  

The high brightness, its 3D animation games or the possibility of combining video texts and images on a single screen, fulfill an important function

provide maximum visibility at events, fair, congresses, etc.in the fastest way and provide added value to the events.

The advertising screens for rental P4 interior has a compact cabinet made of aluminum for a light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as to transport by its size and metal handle.

This type of indoor rental screens achieves a high resolution (160 * 160 Pixels) of image.

These types of screens with modular technology are often used in fairs, conferences, theaters, museums, shops, public events, etc.

Due to its great maneuverability, ease to achieve the desired screen dimension. Its absence of separations between modules, much longer useful life, ease of maintenance, etc. They give it great versatility and great technological capabilities.

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  • Manufactured under strict ISO9001 certified quality controls
  • Compact cabins and easy to install
  • High resistance screens through its IP22 grade
  • Aluminum chassis that facilitates its lightness.
  • Software in Spanish and English.
  • Possibility of texts, videos, images, pictograms, date, time, temperature, etc.

Technical characteristics:

  • Pitch: 4 mm 
  • ±600/ 1.500 nits
  • Display distance: ±4 m
  • Viewing angle: 140ºH / 130ºV±10º
  • Maximum power ±212w
  • Average consumption: ± 71 w
  • Scan: >20 s
  • Frequency 1920Hz
  • Working temperature: -20º / +40º
  • Working humidity: 10-65%


  • Rear opening.
  • 640*640*88 mm
  • 160*160 pixels
  •  Weight: 10,500 KG / With packaging: 19.2 KG / * Flight case not included


Full color screens for indoor P4 rental, you can get an image that a step further. Unlike conventional players such as projectors or televisions that have pixels of light projecting colors, Full color Cosmi P4 indoor screens have different plates that form the cabinets.

These plates are full of LEDs (every 4 millimeters a LED) that emit a color to form the total image with each LED point.

This type of modular technology manages to create around 16 million colors which translates into maximum resolution and a great technological advance that projectors, LCDs, televisions, computers, etc. do not reach.

The screens for indoor P4 rental are a perfect element for fairs, shows, theaters, conferences, rallies that are held indoors. Its easy transport, assembly and lightness add value to this type of event..

Its Ip22 is suitable for interior getting a high quality resolution and offer a modular technology in which its size is unlimited.

Led screens for indoor rental P4 advertising stand out to display information, advertising or live events making the content visible from near and medium distances


Play Mode

  • Possibility of live screen (synchronous) special for concerts, sporting events, concerts, congresses, etc.
  • Possibility of using the advertising screens for rental as a special (asynchronous) advertising screen for fairs, events, awards, etc.

Screen connectivity:

      TCP/IP(network cable)

      Pen Drive

    3G/4G WIFI* (optional)

    Cloud Server*(optional)



Remote control:

Time on /off

   Possibility of several scene regions

Brightness, contrast and range control

   PC / Mobile preview





Scene Functions:

     Video / photo

      GIF animations

         Office doc./ text

     Clock / Stopwatch

* Brightness and humidity optional




Examples of advertising screens for Full Color rental:








Accessories included with the rental P4 Full Color advertising screens

  • Welcome manual
  • Free management software (windows)
  • App for Android / IOS * (only if you have the WIFI module)
  • Replacement plates
  • Replacement wiring
  • Joining systems


Optional accessories not included:

  • Brightness, temperature / humidity sensor
  • Communication system (Wifi, 4G, Cloud server)
  • Flight paracase 640 * 640. With capacity for 6 rental plates Cosmii
  • Metallic Cosmi screen placement bracket
  • Content creation and managements


All P4 Cosmi rental screens have a 2 year warranty on all components. * Except in facilities close to the sea, which does not cover the deterioration generated by the conditions of the area (saltpeter, humidity, etc.)

The Flightcase Cosmi has been manufactured in aluminum and plywood to secure and protect the screens for rental.

Its wheels and handles allow easy handling. The Cosmi flightcase can store up to 6 rental cabins. Its interior has a velvety and compartmentalized padding to ensure that each rental cabinet does not collide with each other, ensuring maximum protection and maximum safety in different transports.

* Flightcase not included in the price of the screen for indoor P4 Full Color rental


Turn your full color rental advertising screen into direct VS advertising mode with Cosmi processors

We have different controllers depending on your screen. Learn more about climbers and processors for Cosmi Full Color screens.

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