Cosmi P5 outdoor rental display

Full color P5 LED screen for outdoor use.

A modular screen that can be joined together to create customised screens. Easy to assemble and dismantle.


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Cosmi P5 outdoor rental display

Cosmi P5 outdoor rental display
LED displays that can be linked together to form customised Full Colour displays. The rental P5 LED display has a square design and a multitude of functionalities.

Special rental display with rear opening

LED display easy to assemble and disassemble and light weight.

  • Manufactured under strict ISO9001 certified quality controls.
  • Compact and lightweight LED cabins. NEW DESIGN
  • LED screens made for outdoor use
  • Aluminium chassis with great heat dissipation
  • Control and management of the screen by means of HD PLAYER, APP or Cloud.
  • Possibility of texts, videos, images, pictograms, date, time, temperature, etc.

Ultra-lightweight and outdoor LED displays

Cosmi reinvents the reinventable

Screens that are joined together to form a customised screen, making it a great communication tool. Whether for advertising or events

Modular LED display to create screens as big as your imagination can take you.




Information Highlights

Cosmi P5 outdoor rental display


  • Pixels: 128*128px
  • Aperture: rear.
  • Dimensions: 640*640*88mm
  • Packing dimensions: 730*740*155mm
  • Weight: ± 12.5Kg net / 14.5Kg with packaging

Full color P5 LED screen for outdoor use.

A modular screen that can be joined together to create customised screens. Easy to assemble and dismantle. Ref.29095-22


Technical characteristics

Cosmi outdoor rental P5 screen





Average consumption










±5.000/ 5.500nits




Viewing distance:


Viewing angle:

140º V/ 130ºH

Degree of work

Working humidity:


Working temperature:

-10º – +90º

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Giant LED screens
for big moments

Cosmi has created this screen especially for rental because of its easy assembly and disassembly, as well as its modular capacity.

Easy and quick to install. A plus for events. For example:

Cosmi outdoor P5 rental screen
for broadcasting events


Full Color LED screens for outdoor or indoor use. The choice is yours

Rental P5 Full Color screens, besides being easy to assemble and disassemble, have the ability to be prepared for both indoor and outdoor environments. With a compact and innovative chassis. It has a high brightness ready for any space or event.
concierto con pantallas led gigantes

Cosmi outdoor rental P5 screen
Outdoor LED screens made to measure

Rental screens are a great resource for different spaces. Their brightness is amazing and special for any viewing.

The IP54 rating allows the P5 Cosmi Full Color screens to be placed outdoors, such as concerts, outdoor events, cinemas, counters, etc.

Its great manufacturing and assembly of plates provides uniformity, eliminating any line between plates and leaving a uniform advertising screen of immense quality, but above all a custom-made screen.

Square screen: 640X640mm


Cosmi outdoor rental P5 screen
All the control in your hands

Cosmi has an easy and intuitive way of managing its screens and equipment, which can be via mobile phone, via a PC or via the Cloud Server. A whole series of options that are put at the service of the customer to offer the highest performance.

Change the content on your Full Colour screen quickly and easily.


Easy control of P5 LED display

Cosmi outdoor rental P5 screen
Discover all Cosmi’s rental accessories


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How do modular LED displays work?

Cosmi outdoor P5 rental screen

At Cosmi we leave you with a selection of installations
made by our official partners

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P5 screens in mattresses. Murcia

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P5 outdoor rental screen Cosmi Marbella showcase

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