Mupi led LCD 55″ Super Slim. Large size and functionality

Mupi LCD 55 inches super slim with touch function(indoor). This is the largest mupi in the entire range of Cosmi Touch equipment.

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Mupi LCD 55 inches super slim with touch function(indoor). This is the largest mupi in the entire range of Cosmi Touch equipment. It has an optimal resolution through its large LCD screen. With a quality and design at another level.

This mupi model has been manufactured with low standards of elegance and thinness. Its rounded lines and its manufacture in semi-stripped metal in black and high quality glass, will be the technological delight of any establishment.

This type of LCD equipment is a great advertising weapon. Mupis of advertising with which the user consumes: brands, products or services in a dynamic and bidirectional way.

Management and operating system through.

Its large 1.20m high LCD screen is capable of:Advertise products at long and medium distance and d in a dynamic way.Your endless possibilities are given by its large size, robustness and thinness, which join the touch interactivity of the device


mupi lcd 43

mupi publicidad led lcd tactil 55


  • Manufactured under strict ISO9001 certified quality controls
  • Mupi lightweight design and easy to install.
  • High strength and high brightness indoor screen with an IP22 grade
  • Chassis with an avant-garde design.
  • Made of anodized metal in black and glass. Protects and beautifies mupi. With anti-tip foot for maximum protection and resistance
  • Touch function
  • WIFI and Bluetooth included
  • S.O Android (Spanish and English)

Technical characteristics:

  • Special Function: Touch
  • IR touch point 10
  • Brightness: ± 450 nits
  • LCD screen: 55 inches HD
  • Display color: 16.7M
  • Consumption. Power: 110W
  • SO: Android 5.1/6.0.1/7.1.2 CPUQuad core Cortex-A17, 1.8GHZ / GPU: ARM Mali-T764 GPU / RAM: 4GB /ROM NAND FLASH: 8G
  • Angle. of vision: 178º / 178º
  • Temperature. Working: : AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Chassis: 5mm tempered glass + wear-resistant metal
  • IP22
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Audio Stereo 8Ω 5W*
  • Temperature Working: 20º-50ºC 20º-50ºC
  • External ports: USB, OTG, RJ45
  • Expandable memory up to 32GB with SD card * (not included)


  • Rear opening
  • 767*1980*30mm (680*1210mm screen)
  • 55 Inch


Mupi led slim for indoor advertising with touch function on 55 “LCD screen

This 55-inch mupi features a liquid crystal or LCD and a minimalist design. Its screen with glass protection is formed by pixels placed in front of a light source.

 Its large screen of 55 inches placed vertically offers a greater field of vision and of course better handling utilities


Where to place 55 “slim mupis

In a world that is increasingly technological and at the same time more saturated with advertising in which the user already avoids the advertising of his environment.

It takes more interaction With this potential client. It is no longer just about advertising a product or service, it is about the customer consuming the advertising, interacting with it or having a tool that facilitates the purchase.

The 55-inch mupi LED has a great advantage its large size and slim thickness. What is useful for viewing at long and medium distances, without occupying a large thickness.

Therefore, the new super slim tactile mupis from Cosmi are a very powerful tool in the world of sales. Promote the sale, inform and interact with the potential customer.

These types of electronic devices are usually placed inside any store, restaurant, veterinarians, or businesses in general.








Screen connectivity:

      TCP/IP (network wire)

      Pen Drive


  Built-in speakers

  Bluetooth included


Scene Functions:

     Video / photo

     GIF animations

       Office doc./ text

   Clock / Stopwatch


Its cooling system of this mupi touch is through convection. The cold air enters through its ventilation slats and when heated it exits through its upper slats. Always offering maximum performance and maintaining an optimum temperature capable of maintaining mupi stability at all times. It also has hidden device entries.

So they can only be accessed through the security key that incorporates the 55 “mupi

ejemplo de mupi sli grande instalado

Example of placement of mupi in the course for partner Cosmi with which the guests could interact.

The mupi slim with touch function is an ode to elegance. Its curved body made of black anodized semi-stripped metal attached to its LCD touch screen with touch sensitivity combines the design and technology in large dimensions provided by this mupi.

Its screen 680 * 1210mm screen gives you versatility in handling. All this together with an Android operating system that results in an easy and fast operation. Infinity of possibilities at the fingertips

Advantages of the mupi 55 inches

It surpasses even more the possibilities of the touch screen with the mupi with 55 inches in LCD touch screen. Which translates into almost 2 meters high.

In terms of design and chassis both have been created under the same purpose: elegance, avant-garde and distinction. With smooth and rounded lines and a slim body the new super slim mupis are a success that combines design and utility.

Accessories included in the mupis LCD 55 inches

  • Android system
  • Wiring for connection
  • WIFI antenna
  • Security key. Access to mupi

Optional accessories not included:

  • Communication system (3G / 4G)
  • Content creation and management

All Cosmi indoor LCD mupis have a 2 year warranty on all components. * Except in facilities near the sea, which does not cover the deterioration generated by the conditions of the area (saltpeter, humidity, etc.)

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