75″LCD shop window monitor

75″LCD shop window monitor

Cosmi’s 75″ industrial LCD monitors are an advertising tool, even when your business is closed. Their industrial performance allows them to stay on for long periods of time, and they display perfectly even when the sun shines directly on them, thanks to their 4000nits of brightness that quadruples that of conventional TVs.

Display information indoors, make your promotions in shop windows, and much more. The limits are up to you (allows horizontal or vertical installation).


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75″LCD shop window monitor

The Cosmi 75 inch industrial monitor is a medium sized screen in this line of monitors. It is especially suitable for shop windows due to its high brightness and colour regulation. This allows an anti-glare result in the different shop windows*, and a perfect view of the potential customer.

Cosmi’s industrial monitors have been manufactured with the maximum exponent of offering extra performance, which results in a perfect brightness with 24/7 switching on and off.

The 75″ industrial monitor, like its 65″ and 86″ siblings, features:

75″LCD shop window monitor

– Quantum Brightness Technology

– 4K Ultra HD

– Android 7.1.2 system

– Hanging and stand mounts available (*not included)

A special monitor for shop windows

of staggering inches

75″LCD shop window monitor

Advertising, attracting customers, launching new products, special offers, or anything else you can imagine. That’s what you can do with your 75″ LCD monitor.

















75″LCD shop window monitor

*Exhibition image. The hanging bracket only allows the screen to be installed horizontally.


Highlights of information

75″LCD shop window monitor


Screen: 75″ 4K LCD

Chassis: made of aluminium, iron and glass

Size: 1710*990mm

Packing dimensions: 1810*1100*240mm

Weight: ± 35Kg net / 40Kg with packaging



> Monitors manufactured under the strictest quality controls.

> Performance tests are carried out before leaving the warehouse.

> Compact equipment with millimetre-precise design




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75″ LCD monitor + stand


Technical characteristics

75″ LCD industrial monitor



LCD 75″ 4K

Average consumption






Display type:

LCD 75″








Viewing angle:

178º V/ 178ºH


Power supply:


Average consumption


Operating System


S:O versión:

Android 7.1.2

CPU Quad Core 1.8GHz


ROM 32Gb


Degree of work

Degree of watertightness:


Working temperature:


Inputs and connectivity:


RJ45 and USB cable:

Yes. 2 USB inputs


Yes. Stereo 10W8


Yes. 2 USB inputs




No (opcional)


No (optional)


Free standing and suspended stands:

Not included

Brightness sensors


Services and APPS

App IOS y Android:

Included. Multilanguage
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Video, image and text

Video Playback Formats



Image playback formats



Text playback formats
PDF, Txt, Doc, Docx,

LCD monitors: Power and perfection in every sound

75"LCD shop window monitor

Premium Audio System Stereo 10W 8

Its metal enclosure conceals the speakers, providing a premium sound quality that can be heard in any shop or business.

Premium Audio System Stereo 10W 8

No matter how you use it, the Cosmi 75 inch monitor is the redefinition of what you can do with a screen.
Cosmi has developed sophisticated Quantum Brightness technology that delivers greater color accuracy, a wide color gamut and exceptional 4000nits brightness in a maximum screen space of 75 inches. More than a TV, the Cosmi monitor is a computer capable of quadrupling the brightness of your screen for perfect visibility, even behind glass and in bright sunshine.

Equipment with 100% color purity

Your advertisements with maximum colour technology

The 75-inch monitors offer better picture quality and more vibrant colours. Thanks to the LCD technology of Cosmi monitors, they deliver advertisements, videos and content with more than a billion colours at any brightness level.

Tecnología 4K

At the vanguard of communication

LCD screens deliver an incredible experience through their 4K definition. You get greater color accuracy, sharpness and contrast. A must-have for capturing customers at street level.
Don’t miss the opportunity to get your potential customers to notice you, with unparalleled quality ads. And stand out from your competition.
The 75″ monitors are also a great commercial tool, whether you are showing offers, advertisements, or if you are inside your massage clinic and want to show relaxing images.
The limits of these industrial displays are set by YOU.

















4K resolution built into LCD monitors


pantalla con movil 75 pulgadas cosmi1 cosmi

Connect even easier from your mobile

75″LCD shop window monitor

More technological and easier to control monitors

The 75″ monitors like their 65″ and 86″ siblings have the ease of being able to connect and insert content through our free APP (IOS and Android). Through LED ART you can not only send content, but also create it, schedule on/off times and much more. So you can get the most out of your showcase display.

We have also created another form of remote control through the cloud service called Cloud Server. **


** See Cloud Server conditions


Advantages and installation
of Cosmi LCD screens

75″LCD shop window monitor

Advertising tool

The perfect eye-catcher for any shop or business with a shop window.

Add this monitor as an additional element and attract customers with changing advertising.


Indoor information

Create a synergy with your potential customer through informative messages, branded content or special promotions. Cosmi monitors regulate their brightness so that an optimum image can be seen at all times.


Time to wait is time to communicate

Place in your waiting rooms of any company or business LCD monitors of these inches and take advantage of the time when your customers are waiting to offer them information about your products/services.


Captures customers day and night

Advertise and sell your products/services even when your shop is closed. Cosmi LCD monitors can withstand long periods on and optimise their brightness according to the ambient lux.


Choose the right accessory for your Cosmi monitor

75″LCD shop window monitor

Floor accessory


Suspension fitting


75″LCD shop window monitor


In Cosmi we leave you a selection of installations of industrial LCD monitors
made by our official partners


You can see all the installations made with indoor shop window monitors on our Youtube channel.

75″LCD shop window monitor

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