Led Pharmacy cross P8 curve Full Color. [Special coastal areas]

Pharmacy cross P8 curve Full Color of high brightness and low consumption, integrated in a solid aluminum chassis two screens with front access through the LED plates.



Pharmacy cross P8 curve Full Color of high brightness and low consumption, integrated in a solid aluminum chassis two screens with front access through the LED plates.

Luminous Led special for pharmacies in coastal areas, veterinarians, clinics, etc. double sided exterior. With access to the interior through the plates or through the metal arm. Lightweight and innovative design.

Programmable texts, 3D animations, videos, split screen, images with transitions by WINDOWS and ANDROID.

The high brightness, its 3D animation games or the possibility of combining video texts and images on a single screen, fulfill an important function: to facilitate users to locate their pharmacy, veterinarian, orthopedics or clinic in the fastest way and always remember its location

This cross has been created with an innovative design and reduced weight. Its rounded edges give it a sublime design, maintaining the Full Color modular technology that characterizes the
The cross curve P8 has a thin and shiny thickness through its structure, made of silver anodized aluminum. Its organic and minimalist forms give it an innovative design and great character for this type of product.

Its silver finish makes it ideal for placing in veterinarians, orthopedics, pharmacies, clinics, etc. 

Full color double sided cross

This cross is the standard size of the Cosmi range of crosses but with a cutting-edge design with respect to its sisters and is ideal for all types of health-related businesses that want to capture the attention of their potential client. Your pixel 8 gives you optimal vision both ways.


caracteristicas cruz p8 led costa




  •  Manufactured under strict ISO9001 certified quality controls
  • Compact and easy to install crosses by measuring your metal arm
  • Screens with high resistance to weather conditions and external agents through its IP54 grade.
  • Super slim oven-lacquered aluminum chassis with opening through the plates or through its aluminum arm
  • Safety lock
  • Vandal resistant frame.
  • Software in different languages.
  • Possibility of texts, videos, images, pictograms, date, time, temperature, etc.








Technical characteristics:

  • LED: SMD
  • Pitch: 8mm
  • ±5.000/ 5.500nits
  • Display distance: ±8m
  • Viewing angle 140ºH / 130ºV±10º
  • Power max ± 874w
  • Average consumption: ± 291w
  • Scan: ±8s
  • Standard cross color: gray lacquered baked aluminum
  • Frecuency.3840Hz
  • Working temperature -20º / +45º 
  • Working humidity: 10-90%



  • Book opening
  • 890*890*80mm(Anclaje 708mm) Super slim
  • 96*96 pixel
  • WEIGHT ± 22.5g net / 27.5Kg with packaging

Dynamism and vanguard in a cross

The curve crossings have an indoor ventilation system, their air renewal slits are strategically located to offer a degree of protection IP54, which ensures their tightness in outdoor environments.

Your pixel pitch P8 assures you absolute visibility in socks and long distances. In addition to providing a high brightness that can be regulated through the software included with the cross curve P8, depending on whether it is day or night it can be configured to emit more or less light.

You can also complement this type of full color crosses with the automatic brightness sensor (* not included with the cross) that regulates brightness automatically depending on the luxes that exist at any time. In this way if it is cloudy, the luminous cross alone will self-regulate its brightness.

Another of the main features of the curve LED Full Color crosses is its perfect assembly between plates, providing absolute sharpness and canceling the existence of possible separations between plates.

Its IP54 resistance offers a perfect view of the content of the cross, even in direct sunlight, as well as withstanding the inclement weather such as rain or snow.




A small size and a great design make it the perfect element: this full color cross has been created with the purpose of emitting changing content, videos, images, texts, clock, or temperature information, in addition to being able to configure through the software Exclusive content for certain days.

But in addition, all this is assembled in an innovative, light and thin design.

Its aluminum construction optimizes the weight and its rounded and harmonious curves offer you an added value and design for any pharmacy, clinic, veterinarian or orthopedic that you want, not only stand out with the content but also with the design of this cross curve Full Color P8


Cruz curve in detail:

cruz led zona de costa con chasis de aluminio     


Screen connectivity:

      TCP/IP(network cable)

      Pen Drive

    3G/4G WIFI* (optional)

    Servidor Cloud*(optional)


Remote control:

Time on / off

   Possibility of several scene regions

 Brightness, contrast and range control

   PC / Mobile preview

Temperature sensor


Result of the installation of a cross Curve P8 Cosmi



Scene Functions:

     Video / photo

     GIF animations

        Office doc./ text

    Clock / Stopwatch

*Brightness and humidity optional





Accessories included with the P8 curve Cosmi Full Color exterior crosses

  • Welcome manual
  • Free management software (windows)
  • App for Android and IOS * (only if the WIFI module is incorporated)
  • Replacement plates
  • Replacement wiring
  • Joining systems


Optional accessories not included:

  • Brightness, temperature / humidity sensor
  • Communication system (Wifi, 4G, Cloud server)
  • Content creation and management






All Cosmi P8s led crosses have a 2 year warranty on all components. * Except in facilities near the sea, which does not cover the deterioration generated by the conditions of the area (saltpeter, humidity, etc.)

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