Processor/scaler P703SDI displays

Processor/scaler P703SDI displays

Duplicates PC content to the Cosmi full colour screen. Processor that outputs direct content on LED screens. With SDI input


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Processor/scaler P703SDI displays

Exercise the screen mirroring function and place the content you need at any given moment on your full color screen.

Processors, or scalers, are used to achieve synchronous mode, or live playback.

T901HD. card is required to operate any processor in the P-HD Cosmi range.

Processor/scaler P703SDI displays

Control range: 2.5 million pixels.

Maximum width: 3840px, Maximum height: 1920px.

With SDI input


With SDI input

The P703SDI processor is a flexible and functional LED video splicing and processing device. It allows to duplicate the content from the PC to the LED display. This kind of processors or scalers are normally used in big screens. And its function is only synchronous or live.


It is therefore highly recommended for use in scoreboards or giant screens, for example.


Simultaneous playback to display video playback devices such as computers, TVs, cameras, SDI, etc.
Highlights of information

Processor/scaler P703SDI displays


  • A live camera can be set up.
  • Supports up to two T901 cards
  • Can switching time is adjustable from 0 to 1.5sg.
  • Inter-channel cast transmission function. Supports freeze image option.
  • Supports PIP technology
  • Resolution independent output per channel, 2.65 million pixels at 60Hz.
  • Scalable visual content.
  • 2.65 million pixel custom resolution output.



Technical specifications

Processor/scaler P703SDI displays




Control range:

2.65million pixels.

Max. pixels width 3840px / Max. pixels height 1920px

Inputs and outputs:

DVI, Audio, VGA, HDMI, y *SDI (optional)


Supports “freeze image” option. Transition function, fade between channels, and image processing engine.

With SDI input



All processors need to incorporate the T901HD* card (*Sold separately).

Technical Information




440mm length × 335mm width × 88mm height


100VAC-240VAC 50/60Hz



Working temperature


Inputs and outputs





Advanced connectivity

Cloud Server:

No (opcional)


No (optional)

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Processor/scaler P703SDI displays

The P703SDI processor has multiple video inputs, practical video output interface. The P703 has three video outputs (2 DVI, 1 VGA). Seamless switching of any channel, the switching time is adjustable from 0 to 1.5sec. Multiple output resolution, pre-switching technology support this function reduces the case of errors. Supports PIP technology. Supports <<freeze image>> option.


The P703SDI processors differ from the P703HD processors by their SDI input.

What is an SDI port?

Serial Digital Interface (SDI). SDI is used to transfer digital audio and video signals over a BNC type coaxial cable, the data is transmitted and received sequentially, serially, one after the other. SDI is far superior to HDMI in signal quality. This type of input is often used on TV sets, at rallies, etc.

Example of the function of the P703SDI Scaler Processor

It duplicates the sections that are required at any given moment and reproduces them on the Cosmi Full Colour screen. While working on the PC, content can be reproduced without appearing on the screen. This allows a multitude of possibilities.

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