Device with 40s PLUS Player card. With Android system

40s PLUS Player Android device

New generation Cosmi communication system that allows to convert any device to Android. For LCD and Full Colour. A revolution in the way of communicating. It has the CHIP Allwinner A40i chip, a quad-core chip that makes the content is emitted flying.

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Voilà! and became Android

40s PLUS Player Android device

40s PLUS Player Android device, a device that houses a card and various operating components, which allows you to convert the operating system of any equipment, whether LCD or Full Color, to an Android operating system.

The 40s card drawer is the smallest card in this range of Android players.



CHIP Allwinner A40i

El chip de Cosmi, que vuela

Una solución de cuatro núcleos

El chip de los equipos S40 estan equipados con sistema Android7.1.1, 1.2GHz, Mail-400MP2 GPU. Procesa los videos y contenidos de manera ultrarápida.

Además soporta control IR, Wi-Fi, RJ45. ¡Ver para creer!

Compatibility in LED equipment


Unity makes greatness

The 40s PLUS Player necessarily works with the 4in1 players or with the entire VP series in LED displays and equipment. This enables seamless communication every time, every time, every time.
LCDs more pros

40s PLUS Player Android

Edit, send, create. From PC, mobile or from the cloud. Cosmi’s LCD units include by default a PLUS PLAYER card that turns your LCD unit into Android without the need of anything else.

Included in touch monitors and LCDs of the Cosmi range.

All the content in your hands

40s PLUS Player Android device

40s PLUS Player Android

With your 40S drawer you can operate any LCD Player, LED ART or Cloud Server on any LCD or Full Color device.


In addition, with this 40S PLUS Player device you can broadcast your own APPs on your LCD or LED screens and integrate them into your TVs, LCD or full color screens.

* The PLUS PLAYER card and the Android Player system are already included by default in LCD devices such as touch screens or Cosmi monitors.



1GB that flies

The S40 drawer card includes a CPU: A40i, Quad-core with a core frequency of up to 1.2GHz and Android7.1.1. It also has a GPU: Mali400 MP2 and a memory: 1GB to facilitate the work.


Need more memory? Add it:

eMMC Default 16 GB. TF Extend Card (Extendable SSD)


Android Player


All Cosmi devices leave the factory with the new Android Player by Cosmi software installed.


An innovative and easy-to-use control system that communicates with the 40S card and allows you to operate your Cosmi equipment, whether LCD or Full Colour with Android technology.


Easy functioning

New generation performance

40s PLUS Player Android

Connectivity that makes you fall in love

The 40S Plus Player incorporates a multitude of inputs such as a USB, SD, HDMI, or audio
such as USB, SD, HDMI, or audio input.
Connect what you need when you need it.

40s PLUS Player Android

The most faithful sound,

that any couple

It features high-fidelity, immersive sound

40s PLUS Player Android device

full hd 1080

Full HD1080.

Resolution to make sure you don’t miss a thing

Cosmi incorporates in its smallest card of the PLUS PLAYER range a FULL HD resolution. Realistic and pure colors

40s PLUS Player Android device

A controller capable of controlling the

40s PLUS Player Android device

40s PLUS Player Android

The infrared remote control included with Cosmi in the 40s PLUS Player

to control any equipment more quickly


Technical characteristics

40s PLUS Player Android



A40i chip, Quad-core.
Core frequency up to 1.2GHz. Android7.1.1


Memory 1GB. TF Extend Card (Extendable SSD)


RJ45 100M; Ethernet;
Wi-Fi, compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n protocol



Compatible with indoor and outdoor equipment.
Modular and standardised

Technical Information


A40i, Quad-core,Dominant frequency up to 1.2GHz, Android7.1.1


Mali400 MP2



Built-in storage capacity

eMMC Default 16 GB
TF Card Extend(Extendable SSD)


Display interface

1*LVDS interface (single/dual, 6-bit/8-bit), supports 3.3V/5V/12V power supply
On-board backlight control supports 12V backlight power supply


Supports standard left and right channel line output; 3.5 mm audio output interface supported

Image rotation

Support 0°,90°,180°,270° or manual rotation, optional gravity sensor module to achieve automatic rotation.


Differential MIC input

Degree of work

Working temperature:

-40ºC – 70℃

Basic functions

Video Playback Formats:

ASF ,TS, TP,3GP,MPG and other formats.


Image reproduction formats:

JPG, BMP, PNG and various image formats


Multilingual support

The system comes with application software:

APK Installer, Email, Calculator, Browser, Recorder, Calendar, Settings, Clock, Clock, Video
Player, Search, Contacts, Gallery, Download, Camera, Music, Browser, etc.


Cable RJ45, USB, HDMI:


Cloud Server:

No (opcional)


No (optional)



40s PLUS Player Android

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