Outdoor led banner P8 Full Color by Cosmi

Outdoor led banner P8 Full Color high brightness and low consumption, integrated in a solid metal chassis two screens with front access.

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Outdoor led banner P8 Full Color high brightness and low consumption, integrated in a solid metal chassis two screens with front access.

Led display for outdoor double-sided advertising. With opening up.

Programmable texts, 3D animations, videos, split screen, images with transitions by WINDOWS and ANDROID.

 The high brightness, its 3D animation games or the possibility of combining text videos and images on a single screen, fulfill an important function: to facilitate users to locate their business in the fastest way and always remember their location.

Double-sided advertising sign P8

This banner is ideal for all types of businesses that want to capture the attention of their potential customer. Your pixel 8 gives you optimal vision both ways.




  • Manufactured under strict ISO9001 certified quality controls
  • Compact and easy-to-install banners by measuring your metal arm
  • Screens with high resistance to weather conditions and external agents through its IP54 grade.
  • Baked lacquered metal chassis with opening up and gas furniture that provides easy access.
  • Safety lock
  • Vandal resistant frame.
  • Software in different languages
  • Possibility of texts, videos, images, pictograms, date, time, temperature, etc.





Technical characteristics:

  • LED: SMD
  • Pitch: 8mm
  • ±5.000/ 5.500nits
  • Display distance: ±8m
  • Viewing angle: 140ºH / 130ºV±10º
  • Powe max. ± 590w
  • Average consumption: ± 196w
  • Scan: ±5s
  • Frecuency. 3840Hz
  • TemperatureWorking:-20º / + 45º
  • Humidity of work: 10-90%


  • Opening up
  • 700*700*140mm
  • 128*128 pixel
  • WEIGHT: 30,500KG / WITH EMBA 32,700KG + 5KG PATA / 790 * 790 * 200mm
  • * Both the full color flags P4, P5 and P8 have a standard size chassis that adapt to all regulations



Mounting examples:

The Full Color P8 banners have great versatility, both in content and in the way they are installed. Its chassis allows it to be installed in different positions which gives it great power in terms of assembly.




For what places are the P8 Cosmi Full Color banners useful?




The Airfresh system developed by Cosmi

Cosmi has implemented all of its outdoor equipment, its innovative Airfresh system. Through this system the banner is cooled by a constant flow of air and high performance. This allows the screen to not overheat and can offer high performance at any time.This Airfresh system is ready to operate 24 hours a day.

The rotation of the fans moved by cams provides and guarantees that the cold air enters the interior of the chassis and lets out the outside. So it will prevent overheating of the screen and extend its life.

This system also allows the screen to not be damaged on sunny summer days in which temperatures outside are very high.



Screen connectivity:

      TCP/IP(network wire)

    PEn Drive

    3G/4G WIFI* (optional)

    Cloud Server*(optional)


Remote control:

Time on /off

   Possibility of several scene regions

Brightness, contrast and range control

   PC / Mobile preview





Scene functions:

     Video / photo

      GIF animations

         Office doc./ text

     Clock / Stopwatch

* Brightness and humidity optional


Accessories included with the Cosmi Full Color P8 outdoor displays

  • Welcome manual
  • Free management software (windows)
  • App for Android / IOS * (Only if the WIFI module is incorporated)
  • Replacement plates
  • Replacement wiring
  • Joining systems
  • Metal leg

Optional accessories not included:

  • Brightness, temperature / humidity sensor
  • Communication system (Wifi, 4G, Cloud server)Content creation and management:

All P8 Cosmi led banners have a 2 year warranty on all components. * Except in facilities near the sea, which does not cover the deterioration generated by the conditions of the area (saltpeter, humidity, etc.)


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