Start-up protection for equipment

Start-up protection for equipment

Prevents voltage peaks and protects the lifetime of the equipment

16 amperes- CA0616R

28 amperes- CA0628R

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Starting protections for Cosmi equipment

Siempre protegido contra picos de tensión


The starter protector bears the MW stamp and is a new device offered by Cosmi, in order to prevent voltage peaks in Cosmi equipment. With this starter protector, the start-up of the display is prevented and the input of electricity is regulated.


Modules available:

16 Ampere: Ref. CA0616R

28 Ampere: Ref. CA0628R

Where are current limiters typically used?

In any Full Color device that is to be protected against voltage peaks on start-up. Whether modular or standardised equipment.

*It is recommended to install this limiter to protect the equipment.
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