RFHD module. Radio frequency for asynchronous display

Radio frequency module.

Communicates between screens to broadcast the same content

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Radio frequency RFHD module

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Ref. 2904105

HD RF module for asynchronous displays


Communicates the screens with each other, which are at a close distance, in order to broadcast the same content at the same time. In other words, when the content is sent to one of them, it is sent by radio frequency to the rest of the equipment, with the same content appearing on all of them.

Differences with the GPSHD module

The RF module and the GPS module have the same function: to play and synchronise the same content on different screens. The difference between the two is that the RF module requires a certain proximity between screens. On the other hand, the RFHD module sends the content to a screen with this technology directly to the rest of the equipment connected by RFHD, while the GPSHD module must be sent one by one to the different equipment, although they will be synchronised to be reproduced all at the same time.


Where are RFHD modules typically used?

Especially in places where you want to play the same content on different screens. Clothing shops, hotels, etc. Although this module has its peak in the road environment such as border crossings, tolls, etc.

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