Processor / climber P902 – Cosmi led

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Live content, at maximum power and resolution

It exerts the function of screen duplicity and places the necessary content at all times on your full color screen.

The processors or climbers, serve to achieve synchronous mode, or live playback. This use of the screen is plausible by connecting any screen player (A601, A602 or A603).

It is necessary with any climber the  T901HD.

This unit greatly improves image quality through video output at the appropriate resolution. Processes the image displayed on the monitor and plays it live on the Cosmi full Color screen

Features of the P902 video processor

  • Maximum output resolution:
         Max Pixels 7950000
         Max. Width: 11520px / Max. High: 5760px


  •    For giant Full Color screens. Up to four T901HD cards can be added


  • inputs and outputs:



DVI Digital signal channel key



      HDMI- HD multimedia channel key



VGA analog video signal



CVBS- Composite video signal







SDI input * (optional)



The P902 processor has multiple video inputs and video outputs. It is used for giant LED screens due to its large capacity. You can store up to 4 cards that allow you to enlarge pixels. What translates into a larger Full Color screen dimension

Processor / scaler function example


Duplicate the sections that are required at all times and reproduce it on the Cosmi Full Color screen. While working on the PC, you can play content without it appearing on the screen. Which allows many possibilities.

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