K524hD board, with different On/Off, brightness, temperature and humidity functionalities.

K524HD card for On/off and other advanced functions

Programming of the equipment on and off. It is able to regulate brightness, temperature and humidity with different inputs. For full color screens

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K524HD Card
Control your display in an advanced way

Relay system that offers different functionalities to your equipment.


The K524 HD card is a real plus for any equipment, whether modular or standardised. Through its relay system, this card is able to completely switch the equipment on and off directly from the power supply. In other words, it allows the programming of the switching on and off of the equipment, cutting off the current or supplying it on command.


This option is also available in the management programs provided by Cosmi, such as HD Player or Led Art, although these do not perform a complete shutdown function, but rather place the equipment(s) in a sleep mode.

Advanced features of the K524HD for Full Color equipment

It includes several ports to turn the device into a communication beast:

1.Port for brightness sensor (photosensitive probe)

2. Temperature and humidity sensor port

3. Power switch control port. For on/off control by remote control (remote control not included).

To ensure long-term stable operation of the system, please make sure that the power supply of the control board and the relay are powered.
and the relay are powered. Use a standard 5V voltage power supply.

Possibility of remote control

The K524HD cards have a port to adapt the remote control.

This way you can control the system on and off via the remote control.

Technical data

For synchronous and asynchronous devices.

5V power supply port

Different ports available with advanced functions.

*Brightness, temperature and humidity sensors and controller not included.

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