Hanger bracket R6 for Led rental screens Cosmi 640x640mm INDOOR

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The hanger bracket R6 Cosmi has been reinvented. It remains an accessory to hang the screens for rental Cosmi. This hanger accessory facilitates the flying assembly .

It has been manufactured in metal and aluminum with a high performance system that ensures the connection of the screen to the R6 Cosmi hanger support. And its application indoors

soporte colgador pantalla led
  • Manufacture in baked lacquered metal and aluminum
  • Security Fresh system that links perfectly and prevents it from detaching

Each of the details with which the R6 Cosmi interior hanger bracket has been perfectly defined to offer maximum performance and safety.

Security Fresh System: created by Cosmi, it has two pillars that fit perfectly in the Cosmi screens for rent. In addition to ensuring its protection, it has been designed to assemble quickly and easily. What allows an easy assembly and disassembly


soporte R6 pantalla led rental cosmi






The lower part of the R6 Cosmi hanging bracket has four holes that fit in the Cosmi screens of 640 * 640mm for rental. Offering infinite security.

It is used for screens for 640 * 640mm indoor Cosmi rental. As is for example the  rental P2,5

The difference with him suport colgador R6 outfit It is precisely its tightness and its use.

This hanger bracket R6 is for indoor, while its twin brother has been created only for outdoor.

The hanger bracket R6 has also been created with the variation for Ionmax.


How to install the R6 Cosmi hanger bracket:
  1. The top notches of the R6 Cosmi carrier bracket are glued.
  2. Once fitted, press the bolts inside the hanging bracket. These plesillas are located on the two sides of the support (just in the holes under the fastening rings).
  3. Once pressed the rods are raised at the same time the crank incorporated in the screen for rental Cosmi.
  4. When it is up the two handles turn to the right. The stronger the more secure the screen will be

To release the R6 Cosmi hanger bracket, this same process must be carried out, but in reverse.



See the installation summary or the complete explanation of the assembly form of the R6 Cosmi hanger bracket to the screen for rental Cosmi


#Video summary


#Video explanation

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