GPS-HD module Cosmi displays

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GPS-HD module Cosmi displays

GPS-HD module Cosmi displays allows the content of a multitude of screens to be changed in real time.

This module operates via satellite communication and achieves asynchronous multi-screen playback.

This is ideal for roadside screens, full-colour mupis or advertising screens in shopping centres that need to change content at the same time, etc.


GPS-HD module Cosmi displays

Perfect connection and assembly

The GPS-HD module is connected to the board of each Cosmi device and is ready for operation from the factory.


Cosmi warranty and services

The GPS-HD module has been manufactured under strict quality controls that guarantee its efficiency. The Cosmi technical team is responsible for leaving the device connected and configured on your screen.

GPS-HD module Cosmi displays
Minimalist design + technology

It achieves synchronous multi-screen playback via the Cosmi GPS device connected to the satellite. As if by magic

Features of the Cosmi GPS module:

  • Manufactured in a rugged, easy-to-handle housing
  • Minimalist design and curved lines for an ideal look and feel
  • Fast connection
  • For all types of Cosmi equipment with asynchronous communication
gps para pantalla led cosmi

Examples of locations where the Cosmi GPS module is used:

This is an example of the placement of Cosmi Full Color mupis in a tollbooth. As it is dynamic content, all the Full Colour screens must be synchronised at the same time so that the same content is shown on each mupi. This is achieved through the GPS-HD Cosmi screens module.

The mupis are synchronised through the GPS module which is connected by satellite and changes the content at the same time so that all the screens are synchronised at the same time.



GPS-HD module Cosmi displays
Example of LED screens with GPS-HD module in pharmacies

In this video we can see more clearly the main function of the Cosmi GPS-HD module. In these pharmacy counters, the screens are synchronised showing the same content on each of them.

Cosmi reinvents technology to make your life easier

The only module that connects to the universe.

A great advantage is: having the content synchronised on all Full Color screens at the same time.

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