Flight case Cosmi5

Flight case Cosmi5 facilitates the transport of these screens.They are specially designed for the 500 * 500mm Cosmi rental screens or P3.91 rental cabins.

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The Cosmi5 flight case is the special transport box to safely store and transport Cosmi rental equipment. They are specially designed for the 500 * 500mm Cosmi rental screens or P3.91 rental cabins

This special carrier is ideal for rental screens as they are equipment that is used in most cases to be rented in different events.

The flight case Cosmi5 facilitates the transport of these screens and protects them during it.

  • Made of aluminum and black plywood
  • Padded interior with dividers for each cabin. Ensures that the cabins do not collide with each other
  • Wheels and handles that facilitate transport
  • Safety lock made of aluminum that ensures its tightness during transport
  • Maximum capacity; 6 rental cabins Cosmi
  • Notches on the top of the flight cases to be able to place a flightcase on another. The wheels fit in this notch


Technical characteristics:
  • For cabins of: 500 * 500mm or P3.91 full color screens
  • Maximum capacity: 6 rental cabins



“The flight case is also known as Road case (transport case) allows transport of the screens for rental Cosmi safely”


Some of the elements that ensure absolute protection in the 5 Cosmi flight case are:
  •  Safety locks

They have been created in aluminum and with a system of closed and particular opening so that they cannot be opened during the transport of the cabins for rent.

  • Flexible handles.
The handles are on both sides of the flightcase and are covered with non-slip padded plastic that ensures the protection of the hands while moving or handling the road case. In addition, they have a position spring that when they finish being used they return to their natural place
  • Rubber wheels
They allow to move flight cases quickly and without exerting force. Its rubber wheels give it a displacement that minimizes noise and dampens on uneven terrain.

When we made the Flight Case Cosmi5 briefcases, they were conceived in great detail. With a design following the line of the Cosmi firm, but also with many details that ensure maximum performance.


As its fabric tensioners that reinforce and hold the lid of the Flight Cases once opened.

Another detail we took into account is quilting and creating rubber dividers inside to ensure that each rental cabin is protected at all times.

Finally, in all Flight Case Cosmi 5 you will see holes in each top cover. This unimportant detail is actually a space economizer.

If you have several Flight Case Cosmi5 that you have to transport, you can stack them one on top of the other by means of these holes that have been strategically designed and placed so that the wheels of the Flight Case fit here and avite so that they can move or fall during transport.
Differences between Flight Case5 and Flight Case6

At first glance the road case 5 and 6 may seem the same. But it’s not like that. Cosmi has manufactured these two types of transport cases following a clear line: design, functionality, comfort and adaptability. Therefore, in both flight cases care has been taken to the smallest detail.

The most visible difference is the hollow inside. While the Flight case 5 has a gap for 500 * 500mm screens.

El flight case6 It has a game for 640 * 640mm or 640 * 480mm rental cabins.

maletin flight case cosmi 5


Watch the video of the Flight Case Cosmi 6 here and every detail



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