Perimeter screens and video markers

Advertising in the most dynamic sport

High resolution perimeter screens for indoor and outdoor. With unfriendly tab and flip function. Ads in any sport.

Video markers at the resolution you need. For both indoor and outdoor. Possibility of real-time marker for any sport and commercial information of sponsors.

Sports video markers

We have two models of LED sports video markers, for soccer fields, sports halls, etc., choose yours depending on your need.

Get the most out of any sport

Both the perimeter screens and the Cosme Full Color video markers are the perfect element for football, sports centers, athletics courts, basketball courts or tennis courts. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors and is a communication tool of maximum performance in this type of sporting events.

Permietral screens

Resistance assured.

The Cosmi perimeter screens are the perfect element in any sports competition. Place changing advertising of your advertisers in a simple way thanks to the software included with these devices.

In addition, they are trained for both indoor and outdoor stadiums through their IP54. They include raised protections inside and rubber visors on the LEDs to resist possible blows.

Designed to be placed at the foot of the field. They are easy to install. By means of its adjustable rear foot, this type of perimeter screens can regulate its inclination in such a way that an optimal visualization is guaranteed in any part of the field.

Sports video markers

Cosmi video markers have a possibility of screen duplication, to place a marker in one place and display it in another. You can also advertise your advertiser. The possibilities are endless.
These types of screens are ideal for soccer fields, sports centers, basketball courts, tennis courts and any sporting event.

Some features of the perimeter screens and video markers

Programmable On / Off Time

Brightness control

Texts in scenes

PC Preview

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