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Cosmi video scoreboards
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Cosmi Video Scoreboard Installations

Cosmi is a leader in the distribution of football and basketball video scoreboards. With quality giant screens and a fully functional and easy to use software to offer matches in which the spectator is informed at all times. Place advertising, offer informative messages, sponsorship and much more.
Cosmi certified scoreboards make these video scoreboards a perfect element for any football pitch, basketball court, sports stadium, sports hall, sports hall, etc.


Video scoreboards, also known as digital scoreboards or LED scoreboards, are revolutionising the way we experience sporting events and live entertainment. These advanced devices offer a dynamic visual presentation that enhances the spectator experience. Video scoreboards display relevant information, such as scores, statistics and replays, in a more eye-catching and detailed way than traditional scoreboards.

The digital scoreboards use LED technology to provide bright, crisp image quality, ensuring optimal visibility even in adverse lighting conditions. This innovation not only benefits fans, but also provides sponsorship and advertising opportunities, increasing revenue for teams and event organisers. In short, video scoreboards are an exciting evolution in the world of live entertainment.

Cosmi Video Scoreboard Installations

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